Pennsylvania Gaming Market: Powering Economic Growth with 33,000+ Jobs

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  • Pennsylvania's gaming sector employs 33,000+ individuals, extending beyond casinos.
  • New casinos and diversified offerings drive job growth.
  • Record revenues solidify gaming's economic importance.

Pennsylvania's gaming industry has rapidly evolved into one of the most robust markets in the United States. With 17 PA casinos supporting over 33,000 jobs, it has become a key contributor to the state's economy.

This article delves into the significant impact of the gaming industry on employment, highlighting how it has transcended beyond traditional casino roles and grown to encompass a variety of employment opportunities.

Additionally, it explores the expansion of the gaming market in Pennsylvania, shedding light on recent developments and future growth prospects.

The Gaming Industry's Role in Job Creation

The American Gaming Association (AGA) reports that the Keystone State's casinos are responsible for employing a staggering 33,171 individuals. While these figures are undoubtedly impressive, they don't solely account for traditional casino roles. The gaming industry in Pennsylvania has reinvented itself, offering more than just gambling opportunities.

Today, these casinos have transformed into multifaceted entertainment hubs. They have invested significantly, injecting $250 million since the pandemic, to enhance the overall customer experience.

This investment has resulted in the creation of various amenities such as restaurants, sportsbooks, bars, and hotels. These establishments generate additional revenue streams and support jobs beyond the realm of casino employees.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) recently released its yearly diversity report, revealing that a total of 15,461 individuals are employed within Pennsylvania casinos. 
It's important to note that the PGCB's count is specific to workers holding gaming licenses who are directly employed by the casino. This count reflects a notable increase from the previous fiscal year, with 632 more individuals now contributing to the gaming industry's workforce.

Expanding Casino Landscape in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania's commitment to diversify the gaming market has led to the opening of several new casinos, resulting in a surge in employment opportunities. Over the past two years, the state has welcomed four new casino locations:

  1. Live! Casino Philadelphia (Jan. 2021): Since its opening, Live! Casino Philadelphia has experienced steady growth in its workforce, with 1,311 employees in the 2022/2023 fiscal year compared to 1,240 in the previous year.
  2. Hollywood Casino York (Aug. 2021): Hollywood Casino York, operating as a PA mini-casino, has also expanded its staff.
  3. Hollywood Casino Morgantown (Dec. 2021): Similarly, the Hollywood Casino Morgantown, another mini-casino, has contributed to the increase in casino employment.
  4. Parx Shippensburg (Feb. 2023): This newly opened mini-casino, Parx Shippensburg, currently employs 185 individuals, with expectations of further growth in the coming years.

These new casino developments have had a direct impact on job creation, with each establishment adding to the state's growing workforce.

Economic Impact of Pennsylvania Casinos

The economic impact of Pennsylvania's gaming industry is substantial, with the state recording $5.51 billion in revenue during the FY 2022/2023, marking a record for any 12-month period. Despite the presence of online gaming options, traditional brick-and-mortar casinos continue to attract patrons.

Slot play remains particularly strong, contributing significantly to brick-and-mortar casinos' revenue. In the 2022/2023 fiscal year, retail slots generated $2.45 billion, accounting for 44.4% of the entire gambling revenue.

This remarkable performance closely follows the record set in the 2011/2012 fiscal year when PA casinos recorded $2.48 billion in retail slot revenue. Notably, the 2022/2023 fiscal year is only the fourth instance since 2010/2011 that Pennsylvania has surpassed $2.40 billion in retail slot revenue.

Furthermore, the state established a new tax record, collecting $2.37 billion in taxes, reinforcing the significant financial contribution of the gaming industry to Pennsylvania's economy.

Anticipated Growth and Pending Developments

The growth trajectory of Pennsylvania's retail gaming industry remains promising. The pending resolution of lawsuits related to the Bally's State College Casino case is expected to result in the creation of even more jobs, further strengthening the state's economy.

As the gaming landscape in Pennsylvania continues to evolve, it is clear that the industry will remain a pivotal force in driving economic growth and employment opportunities for its residents.

Pennsylvania's gaming industry has solidified its position as a major contributor to the state's economy, supporting over 33,000 jobs. While the core of this workforce lies within traditional casino roles, the industry's expansion into multifaceted entertainment hubs has created a ripple effect, generating additional employment opportunities.

With the addition of new casinos and steady revenue growth, Pennsylvania's gaming sector shows no signs of slowing down, promising continued economic prosperity for the state.

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