PA Online Roulette

Of course, if you are a hardcore slot player, there aren’t limits for the genre, themes, reels, and pay-lines. Some PA online casinos have hundreds of slot games to make this point. But Roulette, a table game dating back to the 18th century face, offers a host of variants at online casinos. The top-tier online gambling sites in the Quaker State give its members competitive and unique online Roulette options for live dealer and standalone play.

PA online Roulette has become so sophisticated that some alternative titles besides French, American, and European Roulette have bonuses, including progressive jackpots. From traditional Roulette titles to competitive live dealer Roulette, our team here has a rich Roulette culture, which we’re happy to share. That way, you can spin the wheel to win on the desktop web browser or Roulette-friendly apps.

Best Casinos for PA Online Roulette in 2024

Betting Site
Bet Now
DraftKings casino
DraftKings Casino
100% Matching Bonus Worth Up to $2000
fanduel casino
FanDuel Casino
$1,000 Play it Again for First 24 Hours
BetMGM casino
BetMGM Casino
$1000 Deposit Match & $25 Free Play
Caesars casino
Caesars Casino
200% First Deposit Match + $10 Bonus
betrivers casino
BetRivers Casino
100% Matching Bonus Worth $250

What is Online Roulette?

Roulette experts and enthusiasts attribute this table game of chance’s origins to Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician and physicist. Despite the different variations of in-person and online Roulette, use a similar wheel and a white ball. All versions display the different number pockets, with American Roulette having the double zero.

Players can make simple wagers on which number the white ball lands or the specific color, red or green. However, most Roulette games offer more complex column bets or gambling on a high or low number. Between gambling on the color or the number, most Roulette games give you roughly 50/50 odds of winning, with you watching the outcome directly.

Virtually all Pennsylvania online Roulette Casinos offer at least one variant, while French Roulette arguably has the most strategies. Choose your Roulette game from the mobile app or directly online and spin to win.

Is Online Roulette Legal in Pennsylvania?

Online Roulette has been legal in the Quaker State since Governor Wolf signed HB 271 in 2017 to sanction online gambling. However, Roulette has been legal in the Keystone State since July 2010, when former Governor Ed Rendell signed the Gaming Act amendment in January 2010.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board was created when former Governor Rendell signed the original Gaming Act of 2004 legalizing slot games, licenses, and oversees all the online casinos in the state, including online Roulette games and matters.

What Are the Best Online Roulette Sites in PA?

Today, virtually all the twenty+ PA online gambling sites offer some form of online Roulette games. While some online casinos offer more Roulette games than others, other sites might have compelling bonuses to encourage members in the Quaker State to join and play. From each end of the Commonwealth, our team has a catalog of Roulette experience and the online casinos to play them at.

1) Borgata’s Pennsylvania Roulette Games

Whether sports betting, online poker, or even online Roulette, Borgata in PA consistently ranks near the top of all the casino games categories. With more than twenty-five Roulette options, Borgata has one of the largest exclusive Roulette libraries in the state, including BetMGM Roulette and its own Exclusive American Roulette.

Besides Live American Roulette, Borgata offers the insanely popular alternative, Lightning Roulette. There’s no shortage of standalone Roulette options at Borgata, and new members get a $20 free chip for successfully signing up.

2) BetMGM’s Roulette Options

BetMGM has twenty-two compelling online Roulette options, including live dealer play. BetMGM benefits tremendously from its sponsorships with professional teams like the 76ers and the Steelers, like its sister site Borgata. These elite BetMGM partnerships inspire members to play exclusive Roulette options like Steelers Roulette and 76ers Roulette.

For those looking for exotic Roulette options, BetMGM answers the bell with fascinating titles like Black and Yellow Roulette and 25-cent Roulette. To help its Pennsylvanian members spin the wheel on the good foot, new BetMGM members get a $25 free chip after successfully signing up.

3) DraftKings Pennsylvania’s Epic Roulette Options

Besides being an innovative force in daily fantasy sports, DraftKings is a major and innovative player with PA online Roulette games with two dozen on its gaming roster. While Borgata might have more Roulette games overall, DraftKings leads the other Pennsylvania online casinos with the most exclusive titles, including DraftKings Touchdown Roulette and Space Invaders Roulette.

Also, when you browse DraftKings’ Roulette section, many games have minor and mega jackpots. All DraftKings members contribute to these progressive jackpots, but all it takes is you to spin once and win it all. DraftKings helps its members boost their Roulette bankroll with a 100% new member starter bonus worth up to $1,000.

4) FanDuel’s Excellent Roulette Games

While FanDuel might only have slightly more than a dozen Roulette titles, they perform at a high level, especially on FanDuel’s mobile apps. FanDuel has the exotic Platinum Roulette Single Zero and Double Bonus Spin Roulette for standalone play. FanDuel offers four live Roulette options, including Auto Roulette. And if you have a rocky beginning playing Roulette, FanDuel helps you get back on the wheel with up to $1,000 in casino credits on your first day.

5) PokerStar’s Roulette Magic

While PokerStars in Pennsylvania only has seven online Roulette options, its exclusive PokerStars Roulette remains a smash hit among its members. Also, with PokerStars European Roulette, members in the Quaker State can play alone or with other members for stiffer competition. New PokerStars members get plenty of bonus help thanks to the 100% matching bonus worth up to $600.

Also, new PokerStars PA members can opt for the $100 in casino credits should their online Roulette wagers and spins not bear fruit. On Tuesdays, PokerStars gives devoted Roulette players a chance at a bonus of $100 to use on your column Roulette wagers.

6) Betway’s Simplistic Roulette Options

Betway offers Pennsylvanians fourteen Roulette options, including four live Roulette options. To raise the stakes, fans of European Roulette have two standalone options, including Live European Roulette. And for an exotic table game experience, Betway members can enjoy Blazing 7s Roulette. With the starter bonus worth up to $250, Betway players can relax and master their preferred online Roulette games.

7) betParx’s Roulette Options

Even though betPARX online has nine Roulette options, it offers a unique blend of variants with Classic Roulette. For Quaker State players who want to try something original, betPARX has Penny Roulette and Live Slingshot Roulette. betPARX encourages new members to hit the Roulette wheel with confidence with a welcome bonus worth up to $1,000.

8) Caesars Casino’s Roulette Games

Caesars Casino and Sportsbook has six Roulette options, but each wheel spin helps you build Caesars rewards points for majestic prizes and perks. Besides American and European Roulette, Caesars Casino stands out with its exclusive Caesars Palace American Roulette.

Each Roulette game, like all Caesars online casino games, displays the minimum and maximum bet. Caesars Casino PA also offers live versions of Lightning and Auto Roulette. Lightning Roulette only costs twenty cents to engage with the live croupier, while Live Auto Roulette only costs a dime to join.

9) BetRivers’ Roulette Options 

BetRivers offers its members thirteen PA online Roulette games with three different American Roulette games. There are also two Lightning Roulette options, including one with First Person, giving you a direct view of the wheel spinning. All BetRivers members enjoy a second chance to make a winning spin with casino credits worth up to $250.

How Pennsylvania’s Roulette Sites Stack Up

Whether you prefer Classic Roulette, the complex French Roulette games, or something exotic, we detail your winning Pennsylvania online Roulette options.

Casino RankSiteWelcome BonusRoulette GamesPayout TimeWin PercentageVisit
1Borgata100% up to $1,000 and $20 free chip25One to two business days93%Play
2BetMGM100% up to $1,000 and a $25 free chip22One to two business days98.3%Play
3DraftKings100% up to $2,00024One to five business days97.31%Play
4FanDuel$1,000 Play It Again13One to five business days97%Play
5PokerStars100% up to $100 in bonuses 7One to ten business days96.6%Play
6Betway100% up to $1,00014One to two business days96.05%Play
7betPARXUp to $1,000 in Casino Credits9One to five business days90%Play
8Caesars$25 Casino Bonus6One to two business days97.8%Play
9BetRivers100% up to $25013One to two business days96.1%Play

How to Pick the Best Online Roulette Sites

First and foremost, we only recommend dealing with licensed online casinos. All the Pennsylvania online casinos are licensed for your protection. Secondly, consider each site’s bonus options to help build a free bankroll. Please consider this small table comparison to help you make the best decision on where to play online Roulette.

Roulette TipInfo
New member bonuses and promosAn online gambling site in the Keystone State worth its salt should offer some form of welcome package. Elite sites like Borgata and BetMGM also offer free chips and matching bonuses. Other worthy sites offer cash-back credits if your initial Roulette spins are duds.
Focus on the number of optionsWhile Classic Roulette might be your bread and butter, sometimes you want to spice things up. Most of the PA online casinos offer alternatives and exclusive Roulette options.
Comfort levelThe best online Roulette experience begins with your comfort level. Some Quaker State casino sites have a demo version where you can play for free to see if it's worth the gamble. Other Keystone State sites might have a step-by-step guide to teach Roulette basics.
Deposits and withdrawalsThe more online payment methods an online casino has, the more appealing and easy it becomes to meet your comfort level. Rapid-paying sites like Golden Nugget Casino or those that process winnings in a day are even better.
Getting HelpGetting help with your Roulette play is essential in choosing. Excellent casinos have round-the-clock live support with resolution in under ten minutes.

Type of Online Roulette in Pennsylvania

Although many premier Quaker State sites offer exotic Roulette options like DraftKings Double Ball Roulette and Space Invaders Roulette, most PA online Roulette casinos offer these consistent Roulette options.

  • American Roulette: Virtually all online casinos, including offshore sites, over some form of American Roulette, and in many places, including Pennsylvania, it is the marquee Roulette game of choice. Unlike the other Roulette games, American Roulette has a double zero, increasing the total number of pockets to 37. Please remember that the double zero slightly tilts the odds in the house’s favor. However, American Roulette averages around a 95% RTP.
  • European Roulette: Also known as Single Zero Roulette, it plays identically to American Roulette but without the double zero. Otherwise, the gameboard and the numbering are identical. Thanks to only having the single zero, European Roulette’s odds tilt slighter in the player’s favor, around 97%.
  • French Roulette: French Roulette plays identically to the European version. However, all the wording is in French, and the board is slightly different. Due to its age, French Roulette offers many betting strategies, including the Martingale, Reverse Martingale, and Paroli strategy.
  • Live Roulette gameplay: Besides Auto and Lightning Roulette, all the gambling sites in the Keystone State offer Live Roulette. Unlike Auto Roulette, the croupier spins the wheel for you live in real-time.

Real Money Roulette Bets

Fundamentally, classic Roulette bets involve gambling on which number, or the color, red or green, the white ball falls on. However, more complex Roulette bets are available.

Online Roulette stands out because you program your favorite strategy and betting style to use. Use it once, and then press the “repeat or re-bet” button to let the wheel spin your way. Our staff at Play-Pennsylvania shares years of experience betting with different Roulette strategies.

  • Bet in a particular number: The basic Roulette bet involves wagering where the white ball lands numbers. The hit is a 35-1 ratio covering your original bet.
  • The Splitting Bet: It involves a 17-1 payout covering your original wager plus seventeen spaces. The split has the player place a chip between two numbers.
  • The Street Bet: Enjoy an 11-1 payout ratio when you bet on three numbers.
  • Square Bets: Receive an 8-1 payout for correctly making wagers on four numbers.
  • The Six Line Wager: This high-end Roulette wager involves betting on six numbers for a 5-1 payout ratio.
  • Bet by the Dozens: For advanced Roulette players, the dozens bet involves correctly choosing a dozen numbers, the first 1-12, or the second dozen, 13-24.
  • The Top-Middle-Lower Wagers: Better known as group bets, this complicated Roulette betting style involves betting on a series of numbers, 1-12 (the top), 13-24 (the middle), and 25-36 (lower) for a 2-1 payout.
  • Odds or Evens: This classic Roulette bet involves betting on the winning number being even or odd.
  • Color: Simply bet on red or green to win.
  • Column Bet: Place your stake on one of the three columns of numbers on the Roulette wheel, virtual or in person.
  • High or Low Bet: Bet on the white ball landing on a low number, 1-18, or a high one, 19-36.

How to start Playing Online Roulette for Real Money?

Now that you have some handy and expert Roulette tips under your belt, you can test them with real money Roulette bets with these straightforward steps.

  1. Sign up to your preferred PA online casinos and verify your account details.
  2. Enter any viable promo code while signing up.
  3. Log in via the web browser or install the official app to log in once your account is active.
  4. Be sure to satisfy geo-locator requirements to satisfy the PGCB requirements.
  5. If new, select the welcome bonus or a particular one if there are multiple options. And don’t forget about no-deposit bonuses that might be available. All members might benefit from specific daily or table game bonuses, too.
  6. Make your desired deposit with your preferred payment method.
  7. Head to the virtual lobby and choose your preferred Roulette game or live dealer Roulette.
  8. Make your Roulette bet, then let the wheel spin.

Online Roulette vs Land Based Casino

Thanks to today’s live-streaming technology, Pennsylvanians can enjoy an authentic online Roulette experience like a brick-and-mortar casino. Our team lists the comparisons and subtle differences between playing Roulette online or in person to help you spin to win.

Game BenefitsOnline RouletteBrick-and-mortar Roulette
Relax at home or anywhereCasino members can play anywhere within the state including truck stops.Must spend money and time to travel to the casino. Also, Quaker State players must deal crowd noise, and unforeseen events.
Casino promosOnline casinos compete against each other for new members with grand welcome bonuses.The casino gameplay requirements don’t change.
The wagering stakesDifferent Roulette games offer different betting minimums.Never changes.
Roulette varietyDifferent sites have more alternatives and exclusive Roulette games. Sometimes, the live dealer has multiple Roulette options.Usually, it only has Traditional Roulette.
Take ControlOnline roulette games like Auto Roulette allow members more game control. Gambling in person, you have no control of the game, outside making a bet. Also, online Roulette lets you program a betting strategy.In person Roulette plays consistently for all players involved.

Online gambling sites offer a superior lineup of Roulette games compared to terrestrial casinos. Thanks to the tremendous strides by Evolution, IGT, and NetEnt, you can get an authentic in-person experience anywhere in the Quaker State on-demand. Online casinos offer exquisite Roulette options available anytime, including French, American, and European Roulette.

While land-based casinos offer a sense of unity with authentic and unpredictable crowd chatter, online sites have an armada of promotions for new and established members. Also, you can play your Roulette game in peace.

Roulette Casino Bonuses & Rewards

Throughout this Pennsylvania online Roulette guide, we’ve mentioned how online casino promotions help you get the best out of online casino games, including Roulette. The bulk of the promotions usually go towards getting new members to join the fold, but table-game-specific bonuses and lucrative rewards points also exist.

Another hidden jewel for online Roulette players is no-deposit bonuses. Sites like BetMGM and Borgata offer $20 and $25 no-deposit bonuses with no strings attached.

The standard deposit-matching bonuses are also eligible for Roulette. Usually, these new-members bonus prizes are worth up to $1,000, but it can be higher. For example, gambling sites like FanDuel have cash-back bonuses to reimburse new members a fixed amount of losses to keep them on the Roulette trail. FanDuel has a signature $1,000 Play it Again promo that refunds new members up to $1,000 after first-day losses.

For online Roulette enthusiasts, unfortunately, Roulette wagers, like most table games, don’t contribute 100% for bonus or loyalty club requirements. Depending on the gambling site, Roulette wagers might contribute anywhere from 15% to 25% of bonus and rewards club requirements. So, before spinning the wheel, take a moment to check the bonus terms and requirements.

If you have the fortune of having bonus winnings, please be careful not to do wild or awkward wagers. Many PA online sites are hip to these types of suspicious bets, and they may void your bonus winnings if you engage in this behavior.

Quick Roulette Learning Tips

For a game as simple as spinning the wheel, there is an art to winning consistently with the right Roulette strategies. Online Roulette results are fair because of a random number generator (RNG). Whether you’re a new or veteran online gambler, you can benefit from these Roulette steps that continue to serve us well.

  • Take time to learn the rules and the bets: If you’re starting, reading about the basic Roulette rules and the different bets is essential for long-term success. If you are unfamiliar with Roulette, you can refer to our guide and maybe start with simple number and color bets. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the different Roulette strategies: Depending on the particular Roulette game, there might be more strategies than others. Some standard Roulette betting methods include the D’Alembert, Andrucci, and Fibonacci systems. We advise sticking with one Roulette strategy if starting out to gauge success and manage your budget. 
  • Stick to a time and betting limit: Successful Roulette gambling online or in person, involves self-discipline. Knowing what you can safely afford and the time to gamble will keep you at the wheel longer and increase winning opportunities. Remember, all PA online casinos let their members set responsible gaming measures. 
  • Review our professional Roulette reviews: You can re-read our Roulette game guide any time, or you jump directly into our online Roulette game strategies.
  • Play demo rounds: Many PA online casinos offer practice mods for their online casino games. The best way to master Roulette and practice winning strategies is for free.
  • Observe other successful Roulette players: The internet, including social media are free sources to learn from accomplished Roulette winners and masters. 
  • Master Roulette’s jargon: Roulette is a table game in its own world with its own playing language. Whether playing online or in person, knowing Roulette’s jargon might help you get over and stand out among the pack.
Roulette termMeaning
Game PocketsIdentifies specifically with a certain number on the wheel
Single ZeroApplies to French and European Roulette and alternatives
Double ZeroOnly applies to American Roulette
Game LayoutDetails the arrangement and numbers on the wheel
The Even Money WagersWorks with Roulette wagers with a 1-1 payout ratio
The Eye in the SkySlang for the cameras throughout a casino
HotSomething every Roulette player wants to hear because you’re on a winning roll!

History of Roulette

Most Roulette scholars credit the game’s invention to 18th-century physicist and scholar Blaise Pascal. The name Roulette is French for “little wheel.” However, some scholars have Roulette tied to the early 1700s, specifically with the Italian Biribi. The birth of Roulette’s Even and Odd bets dates back to England in the late 18th century.

Ironically, the early Roulette games had two zeros, the forefather to today’s American Roulette. Parisian Casinos in the latter part of the 1790s differentiated the two zeros with red and black. But green would become the permanent color for zeros in the 19th century.

To distinguish modern-day Roulette games from the double-zero, single-zero Roulette became en vogue in the mid-19th century. As Roulette grew in Europe, it migrated onto American shores, taking root in the Southern States and, ultimately, Las Vegas and further out. As the mecca of gambling, Las Vegas helped to inspire the latest Roulette alternative, Triple-Zero Roulette.

Pennsylvania Online Roulette FAQs

What is the number one online Roulette gambling casino?

It comes down to your comfort level for signing up at an online casino. However, the best Roulette sites have licenses to ensure fairness and player protection. Some sites like Borgata and BetMGM have more online Roulette options than others, while DraftKings offers many exclusive games. Premier casinos like Caesars have regal reward clubs that make playing Roulette worthwhile.

Does Online Roulette pay out?

Yes. All Pennsylvania online Roulette casinos pay their members real money for winning any Roulette game. Of course, members, 21 and over, must make a deposit, usually at least $10 at their preferred casino to qualify.  Some sites have no-deposit bonuses where members can win real Roulette money for free. All these casinos have some form of welcome bonus to boost your online Roulette play and winnings.

Is there a Roulette demo mode?

Many PA online Roulette sites, except for live dealer, have a preview mode for their online casino games. You can preview everything the Roulette game offers through demo mode, but you won’t win real money.

How fair is Roulette?

Because the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board licenses all online casinos in the Quaker State, PA members are assured of fair and random Roulette results via a Random Number Generator. While American Roulette’s odds slightly favor the house, its average RTP is 95%. Most of the other online Roulette games average around a 97% RTP.

What is the lowest Roulette bet to play online?

It depends on the particular casino and the specific game. For example, many online Roulette games at sites like Caesars let you spin the wheel for as low as a dime.