Copa America Betting in PA

As the summer sun emerges, so does the anticipation of thrilling international football competitions. While not garnering as much global attention as the European Championships this summer, the Copa America and the Copa America Betting in PA promises a spectacle and presents numerous opportunities for value betting.

In this comprehensive Copa America 2024 betting guide, we will navigate through the intricacies of betting on one of the world's most captivating football tournaments.

COPA America Betting Guide: An Introduction

For over a century, the CONMEBOL (South American Football Confederation) has been the driving force behind the Copa America, a prestigious tournament aimed at determining the best international football team in the region. Originally known as the South American Football Championship until 1975, the competition witnessed its latest edition in 2021 in Brazil, where Argentina secured their 15th title.

When is the 2024 COPA AMERICA?

The upcoming 2024 Copa America is scheduled to take place in the United States, unfolding from June 14 to July 14. This edition of the tournament will see the participation of 16 teams hailing from two confederations, making it the 48th staging since its inception in 1916. Uruguay, clinching the inaugural tournament in 1916, boasts a record-equalling 15 championships, establishing a rich history for this prestigious competition.

Stay tuned for insights, analyses, and expert tips as we delve deeper into the exciting world of Copa America betting in Pennsylvania in the sections to come.

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Copa America Odds 2024

Copa America, organized by South America's CONMEBOL, stands as the confederation-wide football tournament that brings together all South American countries without the need for qualification, along with two guest teams from other confederations. Distinguishing itself from other confederation tournaments like the UEFA Euros, Copa America's uniqueness lies in the participation of guest teams, with Mexico reaching the runner-up position in 1993 and 2001, while the United States achieved fourth place twice in its four appearances.

The tournament adopts a World Cup-like format, featuring three groups of four teams, where each team competes against the others once. The top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage, with the two best-performing third-place teams also progressing based on points and goal differential.

Copa America follows an irregular schedule, with variations in hosting intervals. The tournament has occurred consecutively in some years or with breaks of two, three, or four years. There has been a three-year hiatus before this year's 2024 Copa America.

Betting enthusiasts can engage in various wagering options, including individual game bets, predicting the overall winner, selecting teams to make the final, and identifying the top goalscorer. Soccer betting generally offers moneyline bets, draw options, and over/under goal predictions, with additional markets such as first-half or second-half stats, the first team to score, and the first player to score, providing diverse opportunities for bettors seeking an immersive experience in Copa America betting.

Copa America odds 2024

As the countdown to Copa America 2024 begins, Argentina emerges as the frontrunner to defend its title, setting the stage for a thrilling competition slated to unfold from June 20 to July 14 in the United States. Led by the iconic Lionel Messi, Argentina's soccer prowess positions them as the favored team, aiming to maintain their international dominance.

The 48th edition of the Copa America will grace fourteen venues, culminating in the finals at the prestigious Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. With the group stage draw finalized, anticipation builds for the matchups that will unfold among South America's elite.

As sportsbooks release future soccer odds in the lead-up to the tournament, Argentina stands at +150, reflecting their status as the top contender. Brazil follows closely at +200, showcasing their determination to challenge Argentina's supremacy. Uruguay, Mexico, and Colombia round out the top contenders with odds of +650, +1,000, and +1,100, respectively.

Costa Rica+7,400

As soccer enthusiasts eagerly await the tournament, the dynamic odds and spirited competition promise an electrifying spectacle in the world of international football.

Copa America 2024 Groups

The stage is set for the highly anticipated Copa America 2024, and with the draw concluded, the groups are now defined. The defending champions, Argentina, will anchor Group A, looking to assert their dominance once again. Group B sees the inclusion of Mexico, while the host nation, the United States, takes center stage in Group C. Brazil, a perennial powerhouse, finds itself in Group D, adding an extra layer of excitement to the tournament.

copa america groups

Group A:

  • Argentina (Defending Champions)
  • Peru
  • Chile
  • Canada

Group B:

  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Venezuela
  • Jamaica

Group C:

  • USA (Host)
  • Uruguay
  • Panama
  • Bolivia

Group D:

  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Paraguay
  • Costa Rica

The groups promise intense clashes and intriguing matchups as each team vies for supremacy. With defending champions, emerging powerhouses, and spirited contenders, Copa America 2024 is poised to deliver a thrilling spectacle to football enthusiasts. Stay tuned for the excitement and drama that will unfold in these carefully crafted groups.

Copa America 2024 Betting Favorites

The 2024 Copa America, slated to commence on June 20, has captured the attention of football enthusiasts worldwide, fueled in part by Argentina's recent World Cup triumph. As the tournament draws near, Argentina stands as the marginal favorite, closely pursued by perennial contenders Brazil and Uruguay, as per the latest odds from Betano and other premier sportsbooks in Canada.

Current Odds and Top Contenders

As of November 27, 2023, Betano reveals Argentina leading the pack with odds set at +150, indicative of their status as the team to beat. Following closely is Brazil, boasting +200 odds, while Uruguay claims the third spot with odds of +550.

Here's a comprehensive look at the key contenders and their respective odds:

  • Argentina: +150
  • Brazil: +200
  • Uruguay: +650
  • Mexico: +1000
  • Colombia: +1100
  • Ecuador: +1200
  • USA: +1600
  • Chile: +2400
  • Peru: +4900
  • Canada: +5900

In-Depth Betting Analysis

Argentina: The odds indicate the high regard in which Argentina is held by oddsmakers, a sentiment strengthened by their recent World Cup victory and an impressive Copa America track record. Having secured a top-three finish in seven consecutive events, Argentina, led by the remarkable Lionel Messi, stands as a solid favorite. However, a key consideration for bettors is Messi's status, as his potential absence could impact Argentina's performance.

Brazil: Brazil, with consecutive final appearances and a victory in 2019, emerges as an alternative for those not entirely sold on Argentina. Despite recent struggles, including a surprising draw with Venezuela, Brazil's historical dominance in Copa America adds weight to their contender status. Bettors should approach with caution, considering Brazil's inconsistent performance in recent matches.

Ecuador: Positioned as a dark horse, Ecuador showcased promise in the World Cup, surpassing expectations with commendable performances against formidable opponents. With odds set at +1200, they present an enticing long-shot opportunity. Ecuador's ability to defeat strong teams and maintain an unbeaten streak positions them as a team to watch, offering potential value for risk-taking bettors.

USA: While the United States benefits from being the host nation, prudence is advised when considering them as serious contenders. The unpredictable nature of the American team, coupled with recent losses and a tendency to falter in crucial matches, raises valid concerns. Despite the home-field advantage, bettors might lean towards more consistent options for a safer wagering experience.

Strategic Considerations

As the Copa America approaches, a thorough analysis of the odds and team dynamics becomes paramount for bettors seeking strategic and informed wagers. Argentina's standing as the favorite, Brazil's historical prowess, Ecuador's potential surprise factor, and the unpredictable nature of the USA collectively set the stage for an exhilarating tournament. Bettors are encouraged to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each team meticulously and stay attuned to evolving odds as the tournament unfolds. With the rich history of Copa America and the diverse array of contenders, the stage is set for a riveting display of international football prowess.

Past Copa America winners

Here is a summary of past Copa America winners:

  • 2021: Argentina (Winner) | Brazil (Runner-Up)
  • 2019: Brazil (Winner) | Peru (Runner-Up)
  • 2016: Chile (Winner) | Argentina (Runner-Up)
  • 2015: Chile (Winner) | Argentina (Runner-Up)
  • 2011: Uruguay (Winner) | Paraguay (Runner-Up)
  • 2007: Brazil (Winner) | Argentina (Runner-Up)
  • 2004: Brazil (Winner) | Argentina (Runner-Up)
  • 2001: Colombia (Winner) | Mexico (Runner-Up)
  • 1999: Brazil (Winner) | Uruguay (Runner-Up)
  • 1997: Brazil (Winner) | Bolivia (Runner-Up)
  • 1995: Uruguay (Winner) | Brazil (Runner-Up)

These records showcase the rich history and competitive nature of Copa America, with various South American nations claiming the prestigious title over the years. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile have consistently featured among the top teams, emphasizing the tournament's significance in determining the continental football powerhouse.

Copa America Bet Types

For football enthusiasts and avid sports bettors, the Copa America stands as a beacon of excitement and anticipation. The prestigious South American football tournament not only showcases top-tier talent but also provides a canvas for an extensive array of betting opportunities. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the diverse landscape of Copa America bet types, offering detailed insights into each category to empower bettors in navigating the thrilling world of football wagering.

Tournament Winner: The Pinnacle of Glory

The Tournament Winner market, often referred to as 'Outright Betting,' represents the pinnacle of glory in Copa America betting. In this straightforward bet type, punters select the team they believe will emerge victorious in the entire tournament. Whether it's backing defending champions like Argentina to secure another title or identifying an underdog poised for a surprising run, the success of the bet hinges on the outcome of the tournament.

Additionally, savvy bettors can explore each-way bets, a strategic move that allows for a portion of the odds payout if the chosen team manages to reach the final, even if they fall short of clinching the championship.

Group Winner: Navigating the Group Stage Dynamics

The Group Winner bet type shifts the focus to the dynamics of the group stage. Teams accumulate points based on their performances in the group matches, earning three points for a win and one point for a draw. Punters aim to predict the team that will top its group, with goal difference often serving as the tiebreaker in case two teams finish with equal points.

This bet type provides a fascinating angle for bettors to delve into the intricacies of group stage battles, where every point matters in the quest for knockout stage qualification.

Knockout Stage Qualification: Beyond Group Winners

Knockout Stage Qualification betting widens the scope beyond predicting group winners. With five teams in each group and only four earning qualification to the knockout stage, this market introduces a strategic element. Bettors need to identify teams that may not necessarily top their groups but have the mettle to progress to the next stage.

While tournament favorites may have shorter odds in this market, it opens up opportunities for shrewd bettors to explore potential dark horses that could defy the odds and secure knockout stage qualification.

Top Goalscorer: Striking Gold with Precision

The Top Goalscorer market adds an individual flair to Copa America betting, focusing on the prowess of strikers and attacking players. Bettors select the player they believe will emerge as the tournament's top goal-getter. Informed decisions often consider a player's goal-scoring history, playing style, and the expected longevity of their team in the tournament.

It's essential to recognize that the number of matches a team plays directly impacts a player's opportunities to score goals. Therefore, strategic bets often align with players from teams expected to progress deep into the tournament.

Match Betting 1X2: The Classic Trio

Match Betting 1X2, also known as the classic trio, remains the most popular market for individual Copa America matches. Bookmakers present three options: Team A, Team B, and the Draw (X). Bettors choose the outcome they believe will unfold at the end of 90 minutes, including injury time.

This foundational bet type serves as the cornerstone for many Copa America enthusiasts, providing simplicity and clarity in predicting match outcomes.

Asian Handicaps: Precision in Performance

While Match Betting 1X2 captures the essence of match outcomes, Asian Handicaps introduce precision in performance expectations. In this market, teams receive a handicap—either positive or negative—creating a scenario akin to one team starting with a head start, and the other with a deficit.

For instance, a bet on a team with a -0.5 handicap implies betting on them to overcome a 0.5-goal deficit by the end of the match. Asian Handicaps offer a nuanced approach, especially valuable when assessing scenarios where favorites may dominate or underdogs might keep the game closer than anticipated.

If you're new to Asian Handicaps, consider delving into our detailed guide for a comprehensive understanding.

Goal Totals: A Spectrum of Scoring Possibilities

Goal Totals betting shifts the focus from match outcomes to the number of goals scored. Bookmakers set a goal line, and bettors decide whether the total goals will surpass or fall below that line. Commonly, the goal line is set at 2.5 goals, providing options to bet over or under that threshold.

This market allows for a broader spectrum of betting possibilities, catering to those who prefer predicting the overall scoring dynamics rather than specific match results. It's crucial to note that goal totals typically exclude extra time, with bets determined solely by regulation time goals.

Both Teams To Score: Embracing Offensive Prowess

The Both Teams To Score (BTTS) market embraces the offensive prowess of competing teams, irrespective of the final result. Bettors choose "Yes" if they anticipate both teams scoring or "No" if they expect at least one team to be goalless.

This bet type adds an extra layer of excitement, shifting the focus to the goal-scoring proficiency of teams without delving into the specific match outcome. It aligns well with the thrill of witnessing attacking brilliance on the football pitch.

Correct Score: Precision in Prediction

The Correct Score market elevates the challenge by requiring bettors to predict the exact final score of a match. While inherently challenging, successful bets yield substantial rewards. Many bettors adopt a diversified approach, placing bets on multiple potential outcomes to mitigate the difficulty of pinpointing the precise score.

Correct Score betting is an excellent option for those with a confident prediction of how a match might unfold, offering risk-reward dynamics that appeal to seasoned bettors.

Draw No Bet: Safety in Simplicity

The Draw No Bet market simplifies the classic 1X2 trio by eliminating the draw option. Bettors choose between Team A and Team B, with the provision that if the match concludes in a draw, the bet is void, and the stake is returned.

This market provides a safety net for those seeking a straightforward bet without the complication of factoring in the possibility of a draw. It's an ideal option for risk-averse bettors looking for a balance between simplicity and strategic engagement.

Half Time/Full Time: Unveiling Intervals of Triumph

The Half Time/Full Time market unveils the nuances of match dynamics across two intervals. Bettors predict the outcome at halftime in combination with the full-time result. With nine possible combinations, including a team winning at both intervals or a draw at halftime leading to victory for another team, this market offers varied and strategic betting options.

Exploring the Half Time/Full Time dynamics allows bettors to tap into their insights regarding teams' tendencies in different phases of a match, adding an extra layer of engagement to their Copa America betting experience.


As the Copa America draws near, anticipation builds not only for individual matches but also for the tournament's overall outcome. Futures betting allows bettors to place wagers on the odds to win the championship well before the tournament kicks off. This early engagement offers the opportunity to secure favorable odds, especially if bettors can identify potential winners before the tournament gains momentum.

Futures betting extends beyond predicting match outcomes, providing a macroscopic view of the tournament's trajectory. Bettors can assess team dynamics, player form, and other influencing factors to make informed decisions that could yield substantial payouts.

Understanding the Popular Copa America Betting Options

As we navigate the diverse landscape of Copa America betting, it's crucial to explore the popular betting options available on sportsbooks during the tournament. These options not only enhance the overall betting experience but also cater to different preferences and strategic approaches.

Copa America Moneyline Betting: Choosing the Winner

Copa America Moneyline Betting comes into play during the knockout phase, where draws are not an option due to tiebreakers. This classic option requires bettors to choose the team they believe will outright win the game. The three-way moneyline introduces an additional layer, allowing bettors to opt for either of the two teams or the draw/tie option.

For instance:

  • Chile -225
  • Argentina +165

In this scenario, Chile is favored to win, and a $225 wager on them would yield $100 in winnings. On the other hand, a $100 wager on Argentina would result in a $165 payout if they emerge victorious.

Spread Betting: Navigating the Margin of Victory

Spread Betting, or goalline betting, introduces point spreads to Copa America betting. Commonly represented as -1.5/+1.5, the spread indicates the favored team (-1.5) must win by two or more points, while the underdog team (+1.5) needs to win or lose by just one point. If the final score aligns with the spread, the bet is successful.

For example:

  • Uruguay -1.5
  • Venezuela +1.5

If Uruguay wins 3-1, they cover the spread, resulting in a winning wager.

Over/Under or Totals Betting: Predicting Scoring Dynamics

Over/Under or Totals Betting allows bettors to predict the total combined score for both teams, determining whether it will be higher or lower than the set line by the sportsbook. Given the relatively low-scoring nature of soccer, lines like 2.5 goals are common.

For instance:

  • Over 2.5 Goals
  • Under 2.5 Goals

Bettors decide whether the total goals scored will surpass or fall below the specified threshold. A 1-0 game favors the under, while a 4-1 game favors the over.

Copa America Futures Betting: Anticipating Championship Glory

Futures Betting focuses on predicting the eventual champion of the Copa America. Released months in advance, these odds provide an early opportunity for bettors to secure favorable terms. Positive odds, such as +175, imply potential for substantial winnings.

For instance:

  • Brazil +175

A $100 wager on Brazil could result in a $175 payout if they emerge victorious. Early engagement in the futures market allows bettors to capitalize on evolving team dynamics.

Cash Out: Strategic Decision-Making

While not a distinct bet type, the Cash Out option deserves attention. Bettors have the flexibility to cash out a futures bet before their chosen team gets eliminated. While it provides an exit strategy, the value of the bet might diminish if the team isn't performing well. Strategic decision-making is crucial to optimize returns while mitigating potential losses.

Navigating the Copa America Betting Landscape

As we conclude this comprehensive guide to Copa America bet types, it's evident that the tournament offers a rich tapestry of betting opportunities. Whether you're drawn to predicting overall tournament winners, specific match outcomes, or nuanced aspects like goal totals, the Copa America caters to diverse preferences.

Understanding the intricacies of each bet type empowers bettors to make informed decisions. From the simplicity of Match Betting 1X2 to the strategic nuances of Asian Handicaps, each option adds a layer of excitement to the football-watching experience.

As the Copa America unfolds, bettors can immerse themselves in the drama, relying on their insights and strategic acumen to navigate the dynamic landscape of football wagering. Whether you're cheering for perennial powerhouses like Argentina and Brazil or seeking underdog stories, the Copa America remains a riveting spectacle where the intersection of skill, strategy, and luck defines the pursuit of betting glory.

Copa America Strategies

The thrill of international football tournaments, such as the Copa America, adds a unique dimension to sports betting. Unlike domestic league betting, where familiarity with teams is cultivated over a season, tournament betting requires a distinct set of strategies. In this guide, we'll explore key aspects that differentiate Copa America betting from other forms of football wagering and delve into effective strategies to identify betting value during this prestigious tournament.

How Does Tournament Betting Differ from Domestic League Betting?

Tournament betting introduces a compressed and intense schedule, with teams vying for glory within a limited timeframe. Unlike the regular cadence of domestic leagues, where teams have the entire season to find form, international tournaments demand swift adaptation and strategic agility.

  1. Limited Timeframe: Tournaments like the Copa America unfold over a few weeks, necessitating quick assessments and decisive betting strategies. Teams that hit their stride early can gain a significant advantage.
  2. Knockout Stage Dynamics: The knockout stage introduces a sudden-death element, amplifying the impact of individual matches. Teams must navigate through eliminations, adding an extra layer of unpredictability.
  3. Team Dynamics: Understanding how teams gel in a short period is crucial. While talent is a factor, team chemistry becomes pivotal, and assessing the entire lineup's strengths and weaknesses is imperative.

Consider Underdogs: Uncover Hidden Value

The omnipresence of football giants like Argentina and Brazil often overshadows potential betting opportunities with underdog teams. While the favorites command attention, the Copa America history is sprinkled with surprises. Analyzing matches involving underdogs can unearth hidden value.

  1. Value in Unfamiliar Teams: Lesser-known teams may pose challenges to more established nations. Analyze matchups where underdogs could cover handicaps or cause upsets, presenting opportunities for value bets.
  2. Performance Against Tradition: Traditional powerhouses might face stiff competition from determined underdogs. Assess whether underdogs can keep matches closely contested and potentially surprise the favorites.

Consider Team Chemistry: Beyond Individual Talent

While star-studded lineups may dazzle on paper, success in international tournaments hinges on effective team chemistry. Analyzing how individual talents complement each other and considering team balance across all areas of play is paramount.

  1. Balancing Attack and Defense: Evaluate if teams strike a balance between offensive prowess and defensive solidity. A team with a prolific attack but a vulnerable defense might face challenges against well-rounded opponents.
  2. Identifying Weaknesses: Even talented teams can have vulnerabilities. Scrutinize if a team's strengths in one area compensate for weaknesses in another. This holistic approach provides a comprehensive view of a team's tournament prospects.

Consider Home Advantage: The Impact of Familiar Surroundings

Home advantage plays a pivotal role in football, influencing the odds in favor of the host team. While the impact may vary, recognizing its significance in international tournaments like the Copa America is essential.

  1. Encouragement and Support: Home crowds provide encouragement, potentially influencing referee decisions and boosting team morale. Consider how teams capitalize on home support to gain an edge.
  2. Climate and Conditions: Familiarity with the climate and playing conditions can be advantageous. While less pronounced in the Copa America, where teams share similar climates, subtle advantages may still arise.

Consider Motivation: Deciphering Late-Stage Dynamics

Motivation becomes a crucial factor, especially in the final rounds of the group stage. With a significant number of teams qualifying for the knockout stage, understanding the motivation of already qualified teams becomes pivotal.

  1. Risk Management: Teams that have secured qualification may opt for squad rotation to manage player fitness and minimize injury risks. Assess if teams field full-strength squads or prioritize rest in inconsequential group stage matches.
  2. Top Seed Considerations: Teams vying for a top seed in the elimination rounds may display heightened motivation. Consider the implications of securing a favorable draw by finishing atop the group.

Be Prepared: Research and Readiness

Preparation is key when engaging in Copa America betting, given the brevity of the tournament. Limited timeframes demand proactive research and readiness to capitalize on betting opportunities as soon as the tournament commences.

  1. Limited Duration, Limited Opportunities: The condensed nature of international tournaments means that value betting opportunities are fleeting. Conduct thorough research well in advance to identify potential scenarios and capitalize swiftly.
  2. Early Tournament Insights: International tournaments offer limited time for teams to showcase their capabilities. Stay ahead by gathering insights before the tournament kicks off, allowing for informed decisions and quick reactions to evolving dynamics.

Navigating Copa America's Unique Betting Landscape

Copa America betting presents a dynamic and exhilarating landscape for football enthusiasts and bettors alike. The strategies outlined in this guide emphasize the need for adaptability, thorough research, and a nuanced understanding of tournament dynamics.

From recognizing the potential of underdog teams to assessing the intricacies of team chemistry, successful Copa America betting requires a multifaceted approach. As the tournament unfolds, bettors can immerse themselves in the excitement, armed with strategies that go beyond conventional domestic league considerations.

In the pursuit of betting value during the Copa America, astute analysis, strategic foresight, and a keen eye for emerging opportunities will be the tools of the trade. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to tournament betting, the Copa America beckons with its unique blend of skill, unpredictability, and the potential for betting triumphs on the international stage.

History of Copa America

The Copa America stands as the vanguard of international continental football tournaments, holding the esteemed title of being the oldest competition of its kind globally. While European Championships and World Cups captivate the attention of football enthusiasts worldwide, Copa America boasts a rich history adorned with legendary players and teams, shaping the narrative of South American football.

Football's roots in South America trace back to 1867 when British railway workers engaged in a casual kickabout in Argentina. The sport proliferated across the continent, leading to the formation of national teams. In 1910, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay participated in an informal international tournament, marking the genesis of South American football on the global stage. However, the first officially recognized Copa America took place in July 1916, featuring the three aforementioned teams and Brazil.

Uruguay emerged victorious in this inaugural Copa America, foreshadowing their future triumph as the first-ever FIFA World Cup champions within 14 years. Hector Rivadavia, a Uruguayan visionary, proposed the establishment of an international confederation comprising South American national organizations. Over the years, the tournament faced intermittent disruptions due to disputes among national bodies.

The 2021 Copa America unfolded in Brazil, culminating in Argentina securing their fifteenth Copa America title. Argentina navigated their group stage triumphantly, defeating Ecuador and Colombia in the knockout stages to set up a final clash against hosts Brazil. A solitary goal by Di Maria in the 22nd minute sealed Argentina's victory and etched another chapter in Copa America history.

Copa America Medal Totals: A Legacy of Excellence

The tournament's annals bear witness to the glory and accomplishments of South American football powerhouses:

  • Uruguay: 15 championships, 6 runners-up, 9 third-place finishes.
  • Argentina: 15 championships, 14 runners-up, 5 third-place finishes.
  • Brazil: 9 championships, 12 runners-up, 7 third-place finishes.
  • Paraguay, Chile, and Peru: Each contributes significantly to the tournament's allure with multiple podium finishes.

From 1975 to 1987, Copa America lacked a fixed host, adopting a decentralized approach with fixtures scattered throughout competing countries. The tournament expanded, welcoming teams like Ecuador and Venezuela. In 1987, the decision to return to a single host nation was made, fostering a more structured competition. Despite evolving formats and intermittent scheduling complexities, Copa America has consistently showcased top-tier football talent, elevating its appeal beyond South America.

While the tournament now adheres to a general four-year cycle, the unpredictable nature of CONMEBOL ensures that Copa America remains a captivating spectacle, perpetuating the legacy of South American football excellence on the global stage.

Copa America All-Time Performance Table

The Copa America, with its storied history and illustrious teams, has witnessed the prowess of 19 participating nations over the years. Delving into the statistical annals unveils fascinating insights into team performances, with Argentina emerging as the undeniable powerhouse.

RankTeamPart. PldWLGFGAGDPts
6Peru331615839 64231255−24213
12Costa Rica5175391731−1418
13United States41852111829−1117
19Haiti130031 12−110

This comprehensive table encapsulates each team's journey in Copa America, outlining the number of participations, matches played, victories, draws, defeats, goals for (GF), goals against (GA), goal difference (GD), and total points earned.


  1. Argentina's Dominance: Argentina's staggering 128 victories and a goal difference of +292 underscore their unrivaled dominance, making them the team to beat.
  2. Uruguay and Brazil's Legacy: Uruguay and Brazil follow closely, contributing to the tournament's allure with formidable records, earning 1.82 and 1.90 points per match, respectively.
  3. Peru's Resilience: Despite occasional challenges, Peru maintains a balanced performance, holding a positive goal difference among teams with at least 23 tournament participations.

Understanding these historical statistics provides valuable context for assessing team strengths and potential outcomes, empowering fans and bettors to make informed decisions as they anticipate the next chapter of Copa America glory.

Copa America 2024 Betting FAQs

Who is the favorite to win the 2024 Copa America?

The favored team to clinch victory in the 2024 Copa America is Argentina. Their remarkable performance in the preceding World Cup has elevated them as the top contender for the upcoming tournament.

Which team emerged victorious in the most recent Copa America?

The latest Copa America, held in 2021 and hosted by Brazil, saw Argentina emerge as the champions. Brazil, the hosting nation, secured the runner-up position in the tournament.

Where will the 2024 Copa America be hosted?

The United States has been chosen as the host nation for the 2024 Copa America. The cities of Atlanta and Miami Gardens are designated to host the tournament matches, adding an exciting American backdrop to the competition.

When is the scheduled timeframe for the 2024 Copa America?

The 2024 Copa America is scheduled to kick off on June 20, 2024, and will continue until July 14, 2024. Fans can mark their calendars for this period to witness the thrilling matches and intense competition.

How can one engage in betting on the Copa America?

Enthusiastic bettors can explore betting opportunities for Copa America through premier sportsbooks. Anticipated to feature a range of odds, these platforms enable betting on various aspects such as the outright champion, group winners, and specific match outcomes throughout the entire event. Bettors can immerse themselves in the excitement and make informed wagers as they follow the tournament's unfolding drama.