PA Online Blackjack

Besides slots, online Blackjack ranks second or third among online casino games. Due to its simplicity, new table game players flock to Blackjack because it doesn’t involve complex strategy. While there are many variants, Classic Blackjack remains king at PA online casinos, including live and standalone games.

During the 2010s, former Governor Ed Rendell signed legislation to expand the casino game options, paving the way for Pennsylvania Online Blackjack games, among Roulette, Baccarat, and Craps.

Whether you are new to PA Online Blackjack or a seasoned veteran, our expert Blackjack staff dives deeply into the many lucrative Blackjack alternatives, including progressive titles. We take you from zero to hero about Blackjack rules, Blackjack-centric promotions, and the PA Online Blackjack titles you can expect at most online casinos in the Independence State.

Best Casinos for PA Online Blackjack in 2024

Betting Site
Bet Now
DraftKings casino
DraftKings Casino
100% Matching Bonus Worth Up to $2000
fanduel casino
FanDuel Casino
$1,000 Play it Again for First 24 Hours
BetMGM casino
BetMGM Casino
$1000 Deposit Match & $25 Free Play
Caesars casino
Caesars Casino
200% First Deposit Match + $10 Bonus
betrivers casino
BetRivers Casino
100% Matching Bonus Worth $250

Is Online Blackjack Legal in Pennsylvania?

Online casino games, including Online Blackjack, have been legal in The Birthplace of America since 2017. Governor Wolf signed the highly contested and anticipated HB 271 to sanction online gambling in Pennsylvania. Because the inaugural PA online casinos entered the Keystone State in 2019 through online poker apps, adding the other online casino games, including online Blackjack was a seamless process.

All the PA online casinos must get an approved license from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, independent of online slots and sports betting, for table games and Blackjack. The PGCB routinely monitors the fairness of the Blackjack results, including those for live dealers. Today, more than a dozen Quaker State online casinos support online Blackjack.

What Are the Best Online Blackjack Sites in PA?

From PokerStars to the lower profile online casinos like betPARX, the dozen-plus casinos that support PA online Blackjack try to put their unique spin on this staple table game that dates back to the 17th century. Our Play-Pennsylvania team knows a thing or two about PA Blackjack and some of the premier online gambling sites to enjoy them.

1) DraftKings Monster Blackjack Lineup

Of all the Pennsylvania online casinos, DraftKings offers the most Blackjack varieties, including exclusive titles with nearly forty – the most by far. Even better, many of DraftKings' exclusive Blackjack games, including Basketball Blackjack and Bingo Blackjack, have progressive jackpots that update in real-time.

Also, Blackjack titles, like Basketball Blackjack, have multiple jackpots that can be won separately or together. DraftKings lets PA members preview the PA online Blackjack games for free. To help members get to 21, DraftKings Pennsylvania offers new Blackjack players a 100% matching bonus of up to $2,000 or up to $100 in casino credits to cover Blackjack losses.

2) FanDuel’s Exotic Blackjack Options

FanDuel has more than twenty exciting online Blackjack options, including a host of exclusive titles like Blackjack Player’s Choice and NHL Blackjack and other sports-oriented games due to FanDuel’s lengthy sports partnerships. And thanks to the extraordinary talents of NetEnt, FanDuel members in the Quaker State have 24/7 access to Live Blackjack, including Infinite Blackjack and FanDuel’s exclusive Infinite Blackjack.

Besides Multihand Blackjack, FanDuel takes the cake with Multihand Blackjack with Poker & Pairs Surrender. And to help its new members get on the good foot, FanDuel has the signature $1,000 Play it Again promotion if your first day of Blackjack play results in losses.

3) BetMGM Knows Blackjack

As one of the inaugural Quaker State online casinos, BetMGM won over the hearts of many devoted online gamblers in the Keystone State with superior Blackjack games. BetMGM offers exclusive titles like Steelers Blackjack Pro and 76ers Blackjack to showcase its proud and notable sports leagues' ties.

In total, BetMGM has fourteen Blackjack games with live dealer options. BetMGM Infinite Blackjack stands out. And to help you get to 21, BetMGM offers a $25 free chip on the house. Also, your first BetMGM deposit is matched 100% worth up to $1,000.

4) PokerStars Excellent Blackjack Play

While PokerStars in PA only has four online Blackjack options, it makes up ground with the rare Atlantic City Blackjack variant. Those familiar with offshore casinos know that Atlantic City Blackjack is a premium variant, so its availability at PokerStars Pennsylvania makes it too good to pass up.

PokerStars PA gives Quaker State members the choice of $100 in casino credits, or they can opt into the 100% matching bonus worth up to $600 to hit the Blackjack table. Make Tuesday online Blackjack day at PokerStars Casino because your Blackjack wagers can earn up to $100 in bonuses.

5) Borgata’s Exclusive Blackjack Options

While Borgata is under the same MGM umbrella as its sister site, BetMGM, it is a powerhouse in its own right for Blackjack play. Among Borgata’s fourteen titles are Blackjack Pro and the unique Adventures of Captain Blackjack. Borgata’s signature Borgata Casino Blackjack Pro consistently ranks as one of the most enjoyed PA online Blackjack games.

Quaker State members have nothing to lose at Borgata’s Blackjack table. Thanks to the $20 sign-up bonus, you can hit the standalone and live dealer Blackjack games without fear. And while Blackjack wagers don’t count 100% towards bonus requirements, they help you move up the exceptional MGM Rewards Club.

6) BetRivers’ Blackjack Rewards

While BetRivers only has four standalone Blackjack options, it continues to benefit from tremendous name recognition and confidence throughout the Independence State. For live dealer play, BetRivers offers Infinite Blackjack, where Quaker State players can compete against countless other members in the state, and Live Dealer VIP Blackjack for loyalty members. Regular BetRivers can enjoy standard Live Dealer Blackjack. And to help offset initial Blackjack losses, BetRivers offers a $ 100 matching bonus up to $250.

7) Betway’s Blackjack Selection

Betway Online Casino has five online Blackjack options, with most of them in the live dealer umbrella. But with low deposit minimums, it’s easy to overlook Betway’s small Blackjack selection. Also, if things don’t go your way at the Blackjack table, Betway reimburses you up to $250 in credits.

8) Caesars Basic Blackjack Selection

While sports betting typically comes to mind with Caesars in PA, it might be a mistake to overlook its basic Blackjack selection. For starters, Caesars’ Multihand Blackjack with Surrender and Blackjack Surrender with $1 minimum bets. But the crown jewel is the legendary Caesars Rewards program. Win or lose, PA online Blackjack helps build invaluable reward points that lead to luxury vacations, first-class dining, and cash back.

9) Bally Casino’s Blackjack Games

While Bally is new to the Keystone State, it carries its legendary New Jersey success into the Quaker State. Bally only has four Blackjack games, but your Bally Blackjack wagers lead to Bally Bucks, which are as good as cash. 

Sizing Up PA Online Blackjack Sites

In total, online gamblers have 24/7 access to more than a dozen Blackjack online sites in the Coal State. To help you better understand which site has to offer, our Blackjack experts have put together this table.

Casino RankSiteWelcome BonusBlackjack GamesPayout TimeWin PercentageVisit
1DraftKings100% up to $2,00039One to five business days97.31%Play
2FanDuel$1,000 Play It Again20+One to five business days97%Play
3BetMGM100% up to $1,000 and a $25 free chip14One to two business days98.3%Play
4PokerStars100% up to $100 in bonuses 4One to ten business days96.6%Play
5Borgata100% up to $1,000 and $20 free chip14One to two business days93%Play
6BetRivers100% up to $2505One to two business days96.1%Play
7Betway100% up to $1,0005One to two business days96.05%Play
8Caesars$25 Casino Bonus4One to two business days97.8%Play
9Bally100% up to $100 cash back4One to two business days97.31%Play

How to Play Blackjack Online in PA

Besides Roulette and Craps, playing Pennsylvania online Blackjack is relatively straightforward. But the road to calling 21 begins with doing your due diligence. For members familiar with offshore casinos, you know the dangers of wagering at unlicensed sites. However, with the Pennsylvania online Blackjack casinos, you are assured they are all licensed by the PGCB.

With these built-in consumer protections, we strongly recommend only spending your hard-earned money at licensed PA online gambling sites. When it comes to selecting and settling on a particular online casino, you might find it helpful to follow these steps:

  1. Begin by reading our PA online casino reviews, then do independent research.
  2. Study the particular welcome bonuses and any specific Blackjack promotions.
  3. Keep in mind any no-deposit bonuses. 
  4. Find out which online sites have demo versions for practice.
  5. If you’re a beginner, maybe start with one Blackjack game, preferably with low-betting hands.

Online Blackjack Rules

Next to Roulette and Craps, Classic Blackjack is one of the most available online casino games to play or cut your teeth with. Most of the popular Blackjack variants operate under the same basic rules. Either get to 21 directly or have a higher-value hand than the dealer and the competition if you’re not the only player at the table. Between the standalone Blackjack games and the live dealer play, we walk you through the Blackjack basics.

1) Don’t Go Bust

Most Blackjack games play with a single deck, but specific variants like NetEnt’s Blackjack might begin with three or more decks. Regardless, if your Blackjack hand goes over 21, it is considered a bust, and you automatically lose the hand, regardless of the dealer’s or other player’s hand. However, if other players go bust, they also lose their hand. Most Blackjack games begin with the dealer dealing two cards for each player and then themselves.

2) Understanding Blackjack’s Hit or Stand

Conventional Blackjack requires the dealer to stand at a Soft 17. This means if the dealer’s two initial cards value seventeen, the dealer can’t draw any more cards. Unlike other state casinos, PA online Blackjack requires the dealer to stand at seventeen, regardless of the combination of the cards.

However, if the dealer’s card value is less than seventeen, and none of the players have hit 21, the dealer must draw another card. And yes, the dealer is risking going bust and losing the hand by default. It is recommended that if your hand has a value between 17-21, with 21 being Natural Blackjack, you stand pat and not Hit. However, if your card value is less than sixteen, it might be worth the gamble to Hit and draw another card.

3) Understanding Blackjack Card Values

The playing card suites, between two and 10, are considered low-value cards. The value of these cards is linked directly to that card’s number. For the face cards, which are considered high-value cards, jacks, queens, and kings, their value is ten. Cards with the ten also count as ten. Aces, depending on your hand, count as either one or eleven.

Any drawn hand with a ten or a royal face card with an ace is a Natural Blackjack, with you as the winner. If others have 21, you spend that hand’s pot. Otherwise, you win the entire pot. Joker cards, however, aren’t used in Blackjack.

Pennsylvania Online Blackjack is also unique because, after your first two cards and the dealer’s first card, you can Surrender a potentially losing hand or half your wager not to lose the entire gaming pot. And if you have three identical cards, you can Split your hand into different hands.

Type of Online Blackjack in Pennsylvania

Now that you have the basics of Classic Blackjack under your belt, we next break down some of the different and popular Blackjack alternatives that you’re likely to find at Pennsylvania online casinos. While each alternative might have unique aspects, for the most part, they all follow the basic Blackjack rules – to get to 21 or as close to 21 as possible.

  • American Blackjack: Like Classic Blackjack, the goal is to maneuver your hand to reach 21 or as close as possible. The dealer must still stand at 17.
  • European Blackjack: The European Blackjack variant begins with two decks. But players must choose between hitting or standing pat before the dealer draws their second card to face down. This distinct European Blackjack feature could save players like you money.
  • Perfect Pairs: The Perfect Pairs Blackjack variant is super popular in offshore casinos and is growing in popularity in the Keystone State. Perfect Pairs works like Classic Blackjack but with the bonus of having a side bet. The term Perfect Pairs refers to getting matching cards or a pair with the same color or different colors.
  • Pontoon Blackjack: Pontoon stands out because the dealer begins with both cards face down. And if that dealer’s hand is a Natural Blackjack with a face card, a ten, and an Ace, they can call Pontoon, too.
  • Spanish 21: As exotic as its name sounds, Spanish 21 begins with an ambitious six to eight playing decks. However, all the tens are taken out of the game. Non-natural blackjack hands that result in 21 are eligible for bonus winnings.
  • Vegas Strip: Like Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Strip is insanely popular at major offshore casinos and is growing legs in the Quaker State. Vegas Strip Blackjack plays like Classic Blackjack, where players can stand on initially drawn hands, but they can split up to four hands and make doubles.

Real Money Blackjack Games

Quaker State online casinos offer some form of online Blackjack. To entice new players to join, these elite online sites offer competitive welcome bonuses, with some, like Borgata and BetMGM, having no-deposit bonuses just for signing up. Also, many of these sites have a preview mode, so you can get the hang of them before wagering for real.

Besides starter bonuses, the art of excelling with Blackjack is wagering the titles where the odds favor the player or games with low minimums, sometimes for as low as a buck. Another route is selecting the games with low odds for the house.

Veteran PA Online Blackjack players might work multiple strategies, but if you’re beginning, sticking with one is always a good strategy. It is also wise to stay with Classic Blackjack if you are a newbie because it only plays with a single deck. Blackjack with side bets and other options might take time to master, so you don’t want to lose your bankroll and confidence while beginning.

PA Online Blackjack works like other online casino games, where you need to make a deposit to win real money. Most Quaker State sites have multiple payment options, including credit cards, PayNearMe and Play+.

What is My Real Money Online Blackjack Options?

Today, online gamblers can choose from more than a dozen online casinos that offer real-money Blackjack in the Keystone State. All of these sites feature sophisticated gaming developers for an unrivaled Blackjack experience. We list these casinos where we have first-hand Blackjack experience.

  • Borgata Casino: Through its rock-solid partnership with Rivers Casino in Philadelphia, Borgata members in the Quaker State have 24/7 access to the signature Live BetMGM Infinite Blackjack and Infinite Free Bet Blackjack.
  • 3Tropicana Casino: Together with its longstanding partnership with Harrah’s Philadelphia, Tropicana runs hard with Evolution Gaming, which works with other Caesar-branded sites to stream live dealer Blackjack smoothly.

How to Start Playing Blackjack Online for Real Money

Playing real money Blackjack games begins like other online casino games. With these straightforward steps, you begin playing and hopefully winning real money with your favorite PA Online Blackjack games.

  1. Be sure to review our Pennsylvania Online Blackjack reviews and site rankings.
  2. Begin with one Blackjack game that appeals to you. 
  3. Create an account at your preferred PA site, or log in if you already have one. 
  4. Proceed to the site’s cashier to make a deposit. If making your first deposit, pay attention to welcome bonuses, and if possible, no-deposit bonuses to help you. 
  5. Head to the virtual lobby and select your live Blackjack game or standalone title. 
  6. If possible, practice with some demo rounds before making a real Blackjack wager. Live games don’t have a preview. 
  7. When you feel ready, begin playing those real money Blackjack hands.

Online Blackjack Games vs In Person Blackjack Tables

Today, playing live Blackjack online works like a smooth-oil machine. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Evolution Gaming, members get an authentic in-person Blackjack experience from anywhere they are logging in. And while playing at home in comfort or on your lunch break, you require internet access or a functional app.

Playing Blackjack in person means fewer Blackjack alternatives. It also means that those Blackjack odds favor the dealers more than the players. Large casinos can be particularly noisy, which, depending on your temperament, can cause distractions and hurt your focus. And while you can earn rewards points in person, you can access more bonuses with the same in-person rewards points by playing Blackjack online.

Blackjack Casino Bonuses & Rewards

The competition is fierce for new Keystone State players like you reading this Blackjack guide. That’s why virtually all Blackjack online casinos in the Quaker State offer competitive welcome packages to get newcomers to create accounts. Most welcome bonuses feature a 100% matching bonus up to a specific amount, usually between $1,000 to $2,000. But in some instances, the matching bonus can be less like PokerStars PA’s maximum of $600 for first deposits.

Alternatives to the matching bonus might include a fixed amount of cash-back credits should your first deposit result in net losses. It’s also possible to have no-deposit bonuses that are free to use once your account activates.

Pennsylvania Online Blackjack games also require wagering requirements to withdraw bonus money. Unlike slot games, Blackjack games require larger wagers to fulfill most playthrough requirements. The same applies to accruing valuable loyalty comp points for betting on Blackjack. However, with these reward points, you earn free cash or Golden Nugget Crowns, for example, to strive for Natural Blackjack.

Odds on Online Blackjack

The premier PA Online Blackjack sites strive to offer competitive games with favorable player odds or, at the very least, low house odds. To ensure player fairness and maintain brand reputation, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board maintains stern guidelines about how Pennsylvania Online Blackjack is played. Because of this, all of the online gambling sites in the Independence State are consistent with Blackjack odds and game rules.

It boils down to how many decks you are playing to determine the final Blackjack odds. Our expert Blackjack team at Play-Pennsylvania has put together real-life Blackjack odds examples for more clarity.

Blackjack DecksEdge to the House
One Deck0.014%
Two Decks0.341%
Three Decks0.499%
Four Decks0.556%
Five Decks0.584%

Quick Blackjack Strategy Tips

The goal to 21 requires mastery of the Blackjack fundamentals. For Blackjack refreshers, please don’t hesitate to review this Blackjack guide. But, in this section, our Blackjack experts share professional tips to win in live dealer play or via standalone games.

But above all, having your Blackjack instincts to a science about knowing when to hit, stand, and surrender is essential for long-term Blackjack wins. PA Blackjack is competitive, but you can take your two cards to the Blackjack finish line with these steps.

  1. If your first two cards are sixteen and below, don’t hesitate to hit. But above all, if your initial two cards are seventeen and higher, stand down and play the odds. 
  2. If you’re fortunate enough to have identical cards, take the split and set up a potential winner on your next hand. 
  3. If you’re rolling with a ten, Jack, Queen, or King, always double down on them. Double down, especially with an ace in your hand.
  4. If the dealer has a ten, an ace, or a face for their first card, the wise gambler plays another say by surrendering if their card values are fifteen or sixteen.

Pennsylvania Blackjack Laws

The initial Gaming Act of 2004 didn’t include legal table game gambling. However, former Governor Ed Rendell signed amendments in 2010 to legalize table games, including online Blackjack. Pennsylvania online Blackjack comes with a much lower tax burden. With the watchful eye of the PGCB, Pennsylvania Blackjack games maintain consistent rules and low house edges.

Online Blackjack became available for Pennsylvanians two years after Governor Wolf signed HB 271 in 2017. Like land-based casinos, online gamblers in the Quaker State must be at least 21. If playing Blackjack online, you must be physically present in Pennsylvania.

Pros & Cons of Online Blackjack

Of course, you can play standalone Blackjack games online, where you match wits with artificial intelligence. Here are some comparisons between in-person Blackjack and playing online. 

The ProsThe Cons
Relaxing and playing in comfort, possibly at homeNot every online casino has a live dealer option
Can play on demand and play anywhereYou need the internet or a smart device to play
Access to premium and superior promotionsCan’t replace the randomness and subtleties of land-based play
Build more rewards pointsDifficult to mingle with other players
The odds tend to favor the player
More access to Blackjack alternatives

Pennsylvania Online Blackjack FAQs

Which Blackjack sites are the best in Pennsylvania?

The makings of a great PA online gambling site are secure data encryption and strict privacy protections. Also, the premier Quaker State gambling sites present online casino games with high RTPs, which is why many have NetEnt as a provider. NetEnt is known for exceptionally high RTPs.

Does Pennsylvania sanction online Blackjack?

It most certainly does. Pennsylvania online Blackjack has been legal since 2017 and available since 2019. Governor Wolf signed legislation to legalize online casino games, including Blackjack. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board licenses and oversees all the online casinos in the state.

Can you recommend some great PA online Blackjack games?

What’s great for some might not be great for others. But generally, the great Blackjack titles feature favorable player odds and offer demo versions of them. Demo mode allows you to get the hang of the game and devise a strategy to determine without losing money. Also, consider the Blackjack RTPs as another deciding factor. We refer to the mentioned Blackjack games in this guide for further clarity.

Which Pennsylvania online casino has the best Blackjack payouts?

In our extensive Blackjack experience, BetRivers appears to have the highest online Blackjack paying percentage in the Commonwealth. Again, please don’t hesitate to review our listed Blackjack sites in the Quaker State and how they compare against each other.

What are the latest PA sites that offer Blackjack?

Bally Casino, through a qualified gaming entity, went online in the Quaker State in June of this year. Bally Casino has Blackjack titles, like Multihand Blackjack with a Surrender option. Golden Nugget Casino successfully went to 24/7 operations in the Quaker State in March 2022. Its Blackjack games offer crown building and Golden Nugget Dollars, which are just as good as cash.

Do Pennsylvania casinos support online live dealers?

Absolutely. Virtually all of the online casinos in the Quaker State support live dealer Blackjack. Sites like FanDuel offer the most live dealer Blackjack options and variety. Many sites in Keystone State offer Live Infinite Blackjack or Free Bet Blackjack.

Which PA sites stand out for Blackjack?

Again, the best Blackjack sites in the Quaker State boil down to player preference. Some gambling sites have superior bonuses, while others have, more Blackjack options than others. Others might only have a handful. Great Blackjack hands can happen if you’re comfortable at a particular site and the odds favor you.

Is Pennsylvania online Blackjack fair?

Yes. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board oversees all of the online casinos in the state and ensures all Blackjack results are random and accurate. Your best bet for safe and fair Blackjack play is to play at a licensed PA online casino.

Which online Blackjack bonuses stand out?

First and foremost, any Blackjack promotion needs realistic and fair bonus terms, especially playthrough requirements for bonus winnings. Borgata’s and BetMGM’s no-deposit bonuses stand out because new members can play Blackjack online for free and cash out for real.

Which payment gateways work for Pennsylvania online Blackjack?

All accepted payment options at the site work for playing real-money Blackjack online. Popular user-friendly payment options are credit cards and PayPal.