PA Online Baccarat

Baccarat has been legal in the Keystone State since 2010 at land-based casinos, and PA online Baccarat has been sanctioned since 2017. Since the dawn of Pennsylvania online casinos in 2019, we’ve carefully sampled and studied the Baccarat games available online. From first to last, we give our well-traveled opinion and expertise on the top Pennsylvania online Baccarat casinos.

Best Casinos for PA Online Baccarat in 2024

Betting Site
Bet Now
DraftKings casino
DraftKings Casino
100% Matching Bonus Worth Up to $2000
fanduel casino
FanDuel Casino
$1,000 Play it Again for First 24 Hours
BetMGM casino
BetMGM Casino
$1000 Deposit Match & $25 Free Play
Caesars casino
Caesars Casino
200% First Deposit Match + $10 Bonus
betrivers casino
BetRivers Casino
100% Matching Bonus Worth $250

What is Online Baccarat?

Classic Baccarat’s origins date back to the early 15th century in Italy. Baccarat comes from the French word baccara, meaning nil or zero. Online Baccarat is played like a land-based game and follows the centuries-old tradition that the playing cards, tens, Jacks, Queens, or Kings, count as zeros.

If you hear the term Punto, this essential Baccarat term refers to the Player, while Banco refers to the bank, in the case of online Baccarat, the online casino itself, including live dealers. The Baccarat dealer deals the cards from the Shoe, up to eight decks.

Traditional Baccarat, as well as most alternatives, have the Player (Punto) making wagers either through the Banker way, the Player way or for a Tie. Baccarat. The Punto places their desired chips on the Banker, Punto, or Tie bet. Then, the dealer starts the card dealing from the Shoe.

What Are the Best Online Baccarat Sites in PA?

Of course, each player in the Quaker State is fond of a particular online casino. But while the PA online gambling sites offer something slightly different for their online casino games, the same applies to online Baccarat. From Borgata to Caesars, we rank the premier Pennsylvania online Baccarat casinos.

1) FanDuel’s Baccarat Options

FanDuel offers the Quaker State four Baccarat options to satisfy their gaming whims. The two standalone Baccarat games include Professional Series Baccarat and Classic Baccarat. First Person Baccarat live streamed by Evolution, accompanies the traditional Live Dealer Baccarat.

First Person Baccarat lets the player control the game, including shuffling the shoe deck and choosing among 
twelve tables. New FanDuel members can win back up to $1,000 for their Baccarat losses on the first day.

2) DraftKings Epic Baccarat Options

Besides epic sports betting and daily fantasy sports, DraftKings delivers the most comprehensive PA online Baccarat lineup with seven Baccarat options. Besides two live dealer options, including DraftKings Live Dealer Baccarat, DraftKings has compelling exclusive options like Lunar New Year Baccarat. Also, most of DraftKings’ Baccarat games have a minor and mega jackpot that updates in real time. Tackle DraftKings’ Baccarat games with up to $2,000 in bonus money as a newcomer.

3) Borgata’s World Class Baccarat Games

While Borgata only has two Baccarat games, it provides a seamless game experience, including an authentic Baccarat board for the standalone game. The standalone Baccarat game has the appropriate spaces to make your desired bet. Borgata’s live dealer Baccarat is available throughout the Quaker State 24/7. New Borgata members can use the $20 sign-up bonus to make their Baccarat bets freely.

4) BetRivers Baccarat Display

BetRivers hosts three online Baccarat games, including Classic Baccarat and IGT’s Baccarat version. BetRivers members can also pass the shoe with live dealer Baccarat. Both standalone Baccarat games feature members who won up to 9x their Baccarat bets. But you can click on any of the three online Baccarat games for a description. 

5) BetMGM’s Baccarat Lineup

BetMGM, like its sister PA site, Borgata, carries two online Baccarat games. Both the standalone and live dealer Baccarat games play up to eight decks, minus the Jokers. Live dealer Baccarat allows you to interact with the live dealer managing the shoe.

Of course, you can also review your online Baccarat history. BetMGM PA helps new members win for free with the $25 no-deposit bonus. And for sports betting fans, any football wagers you make lead to a $5 bonus to use on BetMGM’s Baccarat games.

6) Caesars’ Regal Baccarat Games 

BetMGM, like its sister PA site, Borgata, carries two online Baccarat games. Both the standalone and live dealer Baccarat games play up to eight decks, minus the Jokers. Live dealer Baccarat lets you chat with the live dealer managing the shoe.

Of course, you can also review your online Baccarat history. BetMGM PA helps new members win for free with the $25 no-deposit bonus. And for sports betting fans, any football wagers you make lead to a $5 bonus to use on BetMGM’s Baccarat games.

7) Bally PA and Baccarat

Bally is new to the online gambling market in Pennsylvania, but it brings three online Baccarat options, including Live Speed Baccarat. Quaker State players can read descriptions of all the Baccarat games and make Baccarat wagers for a dime. For new Bally members who come up short on their day playing Baccarat, Bally Online Casino refunds them $100 to keep the shoe going. And remember about Bally’s $25 bonus money to be used on table games like online poker and online Baccarat.

8) Betway’s Baccarat Ensemble

Betway Online Casino provides two standalone Baccarat games and Live Speed Baccarat. While you can’t play a free preview of the standalone Baccarat games, Betway has low deposit thresholds to help you make quick bets to shuffle the shoe. Betway offers up to $1,000 in starter bonus money for new members. It also offers a 25% cashback for losses, including Baccarat.

9) PokerStars Baccarat Display

While online poker is king at PokerStars, it does offer two Pennsylvania online Baccarat options. For the standalone Baccarat option, members have the option of playing by themselves against the computer or in multiplayer mode. PokerStars also has Classic Live Dealer Baccarat. New members have their choice of a 100% matching bonus up to $600 or $100 in cashback credits to gain momentum playing Baccarat online.

Sizing up the Elite PA Baccarat Sites

Of course, all Pennsylvania online casinos are licensed for legal and fair online Baccarat play. Overall, the online gambling site you’re most comfortable with ranks for playing Baccarat, but if you’re unsure, please consider this Baccarat casino table to aid in your decision.

Casino RankSiteWelcome BonusBaccarat GamesPayout TimeWin PercentageVisit
1FanDuel$1,000 Play It Again2One to five business days97%Play
2DraftKings100% up to $2,0007One to five business days97.31%Play
3Borgata100% up to $1,000 and $20 free chip2One to two business days93%Play
4BetRivers100% up to $2503One to two business days96.1%Play
5BetMGM100% up to $1,000 and a $25 free chip2One to two business days98.3%Play
6Caesars$25 Casino Bonus3One to two business days97.8%Play
7Bally$100 cash back3One to two business days97.31%Play
8Betway100% up to $1,0003One to two business days96.05%Play
9PokerStars100% up to $100 in bonuses2One to ten business days96.6%Play

How to Pick the Best Online Baccarat Sites

Our highly knowledgeable Baccarat players have experience with all Pennsylvania online Baccarat games. From promotions to payment gateways, we welcome you to consider these professional tips on settling on a PA online Baccarat casino.

Baccarat TipBaccarat Tip Info
Starter prizes and ongoing promotionsAlways check for new deposit bonuses to build a quick bankroll. Also, sites like Borgata have no-deposit bonuses that allow you to win real money. Most Pennsylvania gambling sites offer daily or special live dealer bonuses for Baccarat.
UX qualityIt doesn’t matter how impressive a website looks if the online casino games play choppy. The PA online casinos invest in seamless online play, especially for live dealer play. Notable sites should have easy navigation to find online casino games, including a search option.
Live Baccarat OptionsWhile PA online Baccarat isn’t the most extensive among the live dealer games, it is a mainstay for live dealer play. All the online casinos in the Quaker State we have reviewed have at least one live Baccarat option. Speed Baccarat is available at select sites.
Casino deposit and withdrawal processThe elite gambling sites in Quaker State have multiple deposit options, including an in-person option at partnering casinos. Also, sites with fast-paying withdrawal options, especially through PayPal, are worthy of your attention and your dollar.

Type of Online Baccarat in Pennsylvania

While online Baccarat does have as many alternatives as other online casino games, they are still worth your time and money. Our Baccarat-loving experts give you a quick rundown on the most notable Baccarat games available in the Keystone State. 

  • Classic Baccarat: Most casinos refer to Classic Baccarat as Punto Banco, which resembles most closely of all the Baccarat games Traditional Baccarat. Punto Banco became en vogue in Argentina and Europe in the 1800s. Punto Banco is also the Baccarat game played in the James Bond movies, and it made it debut in American casinos in the 1950s.
  • Mini Baccarat: Mini Baccarat operates like Punto Banco, designed for players on smaller budgets, but the gambling stakes are considerably lower to accommodate smaller budgets. For players in the Quaker State new to Baccarat, the mini version is the perfect stepping stone to gain experience to move up to the big leagues. 
  • Super 6 Baccarat: Follows the same rules game decks as Classic Baccarat. However, all it takes is 6 to win a Banker bet. Banker bet odds are at a 1-2 ratio compared to the conventional 1-1 odds for Punto Banco. All the other Super 6 Baccarat payout ratios are the same as Punto Banco. 
  • EZ Baccarat: EZ Baccarat offers different Banker bet ratios compared to other Baccarat games. If the odds are even, Banker bets pay 1-1, but if a three-card hand adds up to seven, it results in a Push, which means nobody wins the hand. In the end, EZ Baccarat’s house edge is a tad higher than Classic Baccarat's.
  • Chemin de Fer: This elegant Baccarat version is French for “railway,” it dates back to the days of Emperor Napoleon. Unlike the other Baccarat games, Chemin de Fer’s shoe passes cards around the table. Chemin de Fer doesn’t feature the Banker. Instead, the players battle it out against themselves, with one player designated as the Banker.
  • Baccarat Banque: Baccarat Banque also has roots in the Napoleonic era, and the playing table is double the size. While Baccarat Banque’s rules follow conventional Baccarat gameplay, players receive two hands from the shoe. Each hand flanks the players’ sides. Like Chemin de Fer, one player is designated as the banker, and that player can bet on themselves to win or not bet at all.

Baccarat Rules

Like 21 Blackjack, where the goal is to get to 21, the goal for Baccarat is to get to nine for victory. In the case of multiple players with a neutral banker, the aim is to have a higher card count than the other players. However, if those cards exceed nine, you don’t go bust like Blackjack, but the value doesn’t exceed nine.

Baccarat players can place Banker, Player, or Tie bets to achieve the number nine combination. From EZ Baccarat to Classic Blackjack, our Baccarat team knows the ins and outs of Baccarat rules, which hopefully helps you know when to pass the shoe.

1) Understanding the Baccarat Bets

Online Baccarat, like its land-based Baccarat, affords the player the luxury of making three different wagers.

  • The Player Bet: As the name implies, this straightforward bet places stakes on the player having the highest hand or naturally hitting eight or nine.
  • The Banker Bet: The reverse of the player hand has the Banker with the highest value playing hand.
  • The Tie: Otherwise known as the “standoff,” players can wager on the Player and the Banker having the same playing hand values.

Due to its simplicity, Punto Banco is a stepping stone for novice table game players. When it comes to the odds, the Player and the Banker have more favorable odds compared to the house, as opposed to Tie wagers. Because the Tie bet greatly favors the house, the wagers and potential rewards are generally higher. However, so can the losses. Tie bets have around a 14% house edge.

2) Baccarat’s Card Values

Like Blackjack, Jokers are not used for Baccarat. For the non-face cards, Baccarat carries their card value. Unlike Blackjack, where the face cards equal ten and Aces can equal either one or eleven, Baccarat’s face cards carry a zero value. Aces, on the other hand, equal one.

3) The First Two Cards

Baccarat players sit across the table, or in the case of Live Dealer Baccarat, you and other players face the dealer. In most Baccarat games, each player is dealt two cards, with the dealer typically dealing cards clockwise from its position. If a player is a designated banker or dealer, the dealer always draws their cards last with their card by the shoe. An excellent case of this two-player Chemin de Fer Baccaratin action is the classic television show Mission Impossible, episode Odds on Evil.

Each Baccarat player has the option to draw another card if the natural result of the first two cards is eight or nine, the third card is eliminated, and the player with the eight or nine wins. However, if the natural result of the first two drawn cards is under seven, the third card rule applies.

4) The Third Card Inception

While the aim is to get to eight or nine, there are rules for drawing a third card. Below, we list the common Baccarat scenarios for having the third card drawn.

  • If the first two cards have a value between zero and five, a third card can be drawn.
  • After the third card is drawn, and the value is six or seven, the third card is discarded. 
  • If the natural value of the first two cards equals eight or nine, that Player is not allowed to draw a third card.

However, the rules for the Banker’s third card is slightly different than that of the Player.

  • If the Banker’s first two cards carry a value between zero and two, the Banker draws a third card.
  • Depending on the Player’s total value after drawing a third card, the Banker may or may not draw a third card. 
  • If, after drawing the third card and the value is seven, that third card is eliminated. 

If the Banker’s first two cards are eight or nine, the third card is not drawn. Whether a third card is drawn for the Banker or the Player, all Baccarat hands begin with a shuffle. The dealer receives the Players’ and Bankers’ cards and turns them over face up to reveal the result.

How to Play Online Baccarat?

Hopefully, after reading the basic rules and how to read the player card values, you feel confident enough to jump into online Baccarat. Again, outside of the Tie bet, the Player and Banker bets deliver more favorable returns to the Player. Baccarat players choose to sit on the Player or Banker side.

The Player also has the luxury of gambling on either the Player or the Banker to have the highest card value, or they can make the risque bet on going for the Tie. Most Baccarat versions follow this conventional game setup.

 If the Player’s first two cards result in nine, that Player wins. And for a quick refresher on card values, the low-value cards carry their inherited value while Aces count for one. Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings always count as zero. In the event that the first two cards have a face value that is greater than nine, that value doesn’t count.

 For example, if you have two number-value cards like eight and seven, that result isn’t fifteen. Instead, that value is set at five, setting up the climax and the chance to draw a third card.

After the dealer administers the first two cards, and that hand is eight or nine, the game automatically wins, and the Player or Banker with that value takes the playing hand pot. However, if either the Player or the Banker has an eight or nine, it is considered a Tie.

However, if the Player’s first two cards have a value between zero and five, the third card rule applies. If a third card is unnecessary for the Player, the pressure mounts and shifts to the Banker. Once the Player’s value is declared and the Banker’s natural card value is six or under, they can draw a third card. However, the Banker can’t draw a third card if the natural two-card value is seven. Of course, if the Banker has eight or nine, their hand is a natural winner.

If nobody has a natural winner, or if after drawing the third card, the result still doesn’t equal eight or nine, the Player or Banker with the highest value wins. In the event of Ties, all participants get their bet money back. Winning Baccarat hands have a 5% fee tacked on to them.

How to Start Playing Online Baccarat for Real Money

Playing online Baccarat works like other online casino games with these straightforward steps.

  • Refer to our guide about the best Pennsylvania online Baccarat sites.
  • Register to become a member either through their website or custom app.
  • Don’t pass up any sign-up bonuses once your account becomes active. You can use the free funds to win real Baccarat money. Otherwise enter a specific promo code if applicable.
  • Make the initial deposit to trigger the welcome package. 
  • Choose you preferred Baccarat in the game lobby. 
  • Bet on the Player, Banker, or make the bold Tie wager. 

Quick Baccarat Learning Tips

Even though Baccarat isn’t an overly complex table game, the wise player doesn’t rush in. Instead, they gamble responsibly and have a cap on their budgets. They also can increase their winning chances by reading these tips.

  1. Know the game: Knowing that particular Baccarat’s rules is the bedrock for winning. While some variants have side bets and slightly different playing tables and shoe movements, most Baccarat games follow the same rules. Remember, the live dealer is a seasoned pro, and the standalone games are programmed to anticipate your moves. Of course, you can review our online Baccarat guide to gain an Ace up your sleeve.
  2. Know your financial and playing limitations: No matter how sharp your Baccarat strategy is, not knowing or not adhering to safe financial gambling habits and playing time can slip into online gambling addiction. Please remember all the Pennsylvania online casinos permit members to set responsible gambling measures. If you prefer to make bets at the hip, it is wise to already predetermine your bankroll and playing time. Knowing your limits and sticking to them, improves your chances of a natural Baccarat winning hand. And if you haven’t won, or if you reached your designated playing limit, there’s no shame stepping away to recharge your gaming batteries.  With a new day and a clear mind, you can begin anew by reviewing our Baccarat guide.

  3. Consider gambling on the Banker: While you are free to gamble on The Player or the Tie, the odds better favor the Banker bet. The Banker bet’s house edge is a tad lower at roughly 1.09% compared to the Player’s house edge at roughly 1.24%. And this expert advice factors in the traditional 5% fee for the privilege of winning. Our Baccarat experts strongly recommend making the higher-percentage Banker bet.

  4. Consider avoiding the Tie bet: Due to the inherent risk of Tie bets, they receive considerably higher payouts, usually anywhere from 8:1 to 9:1, compared to the conventional 1:1 payout ratio. But with the prospect of higher payouts comes higher house percentages. For example, the 8:1 payment ratio carries a heavy house edge of 14%, while 9:1 payout ration carry a stiff 4% house edge.
  5. Be careful of fake experts: Baccarat isn’t an overly complex game; with enough practice, you should get the hang of things. While it’s good to have passion, be wise about who you get Baccarat advice from, especially if it involves money to receive it.
  6. Know when to step back: Even if you haven’t reached your budget or playing limit, losing too much too often, or if others are on a roll, you might consider stepping away, at least until things cool off. Likewise, your winning streak has to end sometime, so you might consider bailing out early.
  7. Hone your craft: Many online gambling sites in the Quaker State offer demo play for their games, which is perfect to hone your Baccarat skills. Also, casino bonuses and no-deposit bonuses give you free practice rounds.

When you play your first real-money Baccarat game, consider starting with Mini Baccarat. That way, you can manage your bankroll better and hone your skills.

History of Baccarat

Baccart’s origins date back to the 1400s in Italy, even though its original name, baccara, is French. To review, baccara translates to zero, which is the foundation for the face value cards and tens counting as zero. The modern-day Baccarat that casino players love and devote themselves to transformed in the 1800s, producing enduring variants like Baccarat Banque and Chemin de Fer.

While modern-day Baccarat was widely regulated to South America and Europe, its legend and reputation reached American shores in the 1950s. As Baccarat swept through Reno and Las Vegas Casinos, it quickly became associated with high society and royalty. The immortal James Bond franchise frequently featured Bond playing Punto Banco. Also, iconic television shows like The Man From U.N.C.L.E and Mission Impossible featured Baccarat.

Land-based Casinos typically feature Mini Baccarat, which is perfect for beginners, and they also might contain other popular alternatives that might accept side bets. For the most part, Pennsylvania online Baccarat features Punto Banco and perhaps Speed or First Baccarat for live dealer play.

Pennsylvania Online Baccarat FAQs

Is free online Baccarat possible?

It depends on the online casino and if they offer demo versions. Live Baccarat, however, requires a real-money bet. Also, please keep in mind that sites like Borgata and BetMGM have no-deposit bonuses, giving new members free money to win real money playing games like Baccarat.

What can I expect with a Banker bet payout?

Conventional Banker bets has a payout ratio just a hare under 1:1. If you have the fortune of winning the Banker bet, the casino tacks on a 5% fee. For example, a $200 winning Banker bet returns to you $190.

What payout ratio can I expect with winning Player bets?

Player bets rank slightly higher than Banker bets at an even 1:1 ratio. Unlike Banker bets, the casino does tack on a 5% commission fee for winning Player bets. Therefore, winners of the Players' bet receive their entire winnings plus their initial wager. For example, if the wager was $200, you will receive the total amount if you win.

Does Baccarat permit side bets?

Most online Baccarat games permit side bets such as the Tie and Dragon. Most Baccarat bets accept Tie wagers. Although risky, winning Tie bets payout roughly 8:1. Dragon side bets, on the other hand, have payouts that are all over the map because not every Dragon bet is equal. Some Dragon bets can pay a sensational 30:1, while others are more down to Earth with a 1:1 payout. Dragon bets take into freakish hands, such as multiple natural Baccarat winning cards.

What Baccarat RTP can I expect at Pennsylvania gambling sites?

Online Casinos in the Quaker State tend to pay a universal 99% RTP. But some Baccarat bets might have slightly lower RTPs. Tie and Dragon bets have considerably lower RTPS than Player and Banker bets.