PA Online Craps

Thanks to former Governor Rendell’s amendment in 2010, players in the Birthplace of America have been enjoying craps in traditional casinos. Online Craps first came online in 2019, taking online gambling in the Quaker State to a new level. Depending on the online casino, you can preview PA online Craps for free to learn that the strategy is more than just in the wrists.

With the volume of new online casino games being added, hopefully, more Craps games become available. Traditional Craps involve two-round bets that are budget-friendly. Thanks to the minor bets, you can gain real life experience while familiarizing yourself with game layout and nuances.

And to help you make it big with Pennsylvania online Craps, our casino experts share expert insight and tidbits of wisdom to help you make it happen. In this Quaker State Craps guide, we break down the rules and the background of Craps’ rich history.

Best Casinos for PA Online Craps in 2024

Betting Site
Bet Now
DraftKings casino
DraftKings Casino
100% Matching Bonus Worth Up to $2000
fanduel casino
FanDuel Casino
$1,000 Play it Again for First 24 Hours
BetMGM casino
BetMGM Casino
$1000 Deposit Match & $25 Free Play
Caesars casino
Caesars Casino
200% First Deposit Match + $10 Bonus
betrivers casino
BetRivers Casino
100% Matching Bonus Worth $250

Is Craps Legal in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board licenses all casinos, including online casinos in the state, and sanctions Craps gambling. Thanks to former Governor Ed Rendell’s amendment to the landmark 2004 Casino Act, Craps became legal for wagers in the Keystone State. Governor Wolf signed legislation to legalize online casino games like Craps in 2017. Online Craps has been available with the PGCB’s blessing since 2019.

Thanks to HB 271, you can play Craps online anywhere in Pennsylvania through a licensed casino’s website or mobile apps. Members must also be 21 or older. Craps is a standalone game where players challenge the ai software.

What Are the Best Online Craps Sites in PA

The seasoned Play-Pennsylvania team understands Craps inside and out, both online and land-based, so we have an expert handle on where to play in Pennsylvania. We invite you to read the top PA online Craps sites to get into the game.

1) DraftKings Delivers the Craps

DraftKings in PA leads the online gambling pack in the state with four Craps games. Besides Live Craps, DraftKings hosts its exclusive version of DraftKings Craps and the wildly popular DraftKings Andrew Dice Clay Craps. Keystone State players also enjoy First Person Craps.

DraftKings Pennsylvania helps new members hit the ground running with the standard 100% matching bonus worth up to $2,000 to have bonus bankroll playing Craps. Or, new DraftKings members can side with up to $100 in casino credits if they are unsuccessful in playing Craps.

2) BetMGM’s Free Chip for Craps

BetMGM has two Craps titles, including First Person Craps. Evolution Gaming is the software developer behind both Craps games. While BetMGM trails DraftKings with Craps variety, it gives its esteemed members a practical online Craps experience with BetMGM’s $25 free chip.

After using the free chip, BetMGM’s members can gain up to $1,000 in bonus money to perfect their online Craps skills. And if you’re into sports betting, BetMGM offers you a $5 casino bonus eligible for Craps.

3) Borgata’s Crap Selection

Borgata offers Quaker State players three online Craps options. Besides First Person and Live Craps, both by Evolution Gaming, Borgata has a Classic Craps game. However, Borgata doesn’t let you preview any online casino games. But with low deposit thresholds, it doesn’t cost much to gain some real-life Craps experience.

Like its sister site, BetMGM, Borgata has a $20 sign-up bonus to help new members win on the good foot, including Craps. Despite the small online Craps selection, Borgata’s website and mobile apps offer superior Craps-playing performance. After finishing the no-deposit bonus, slip into Borgata’s deposit package worth up to $1,000.

4) Betway’s Craps Offerings

While Betway continues to fly under the radar for PA online casinos, it maintains a loyal following with its two Craps games. Besides Live Dealer Craps, Betway has Diamond Series Craps. Betway currently doesn’t offer free previews of its online casino games, but it has user-friendly banking options to help you let the Craps dice fly. It doesn’t cost much to trigger Betway’s 100% matching bonus worth up to $1,000. But, any bonus winnings, including Craps play, require a 30x wagering requirement.

5) FanDuel Delivers Craps

FanDuel has two Craps games, including Live Dealer and FanDuel’s version of First Person Craps. While there are only two games, FanDuel’s sophisticated and seamless gameplay makes up critical ground. Quaker State players can quickly and painlessly install mobile apps to play on their smartphones or tablets. Of course, players can play FanDuel’s Live Craps without a hitch on the apps or web browsers, including the mobile browser.

FanDuel gives new members plenty of bankroll to win at the Craps table. Deposit at least $10 to receive money back should you lose on your first day. The maximum cashback FanDuel offers is $1,000 for first-day losses.

6) PokerStars’ Craps Selection

PokerStars in PA cements its claim as a mainstay for Pennsylvania online Craps with three selections. Its exclusive PokerStars Craps joins Live Dealer and First Person Craps. Thanks to a visually-slick UX experience, players can easily find their Craps game to play directly online or through mobile apps.

PokerStars also has an online guide about how to play its online casino games, but it helps new members succeed with either $100 worth in casino bonus play or a 100% matching bonus worth up to $600. Make Tuesday's online Craps night because PokerStars offers up to $100 in bonuses for online poker or Craps if you prefer.

7) BetRivers Craps Ensemble

BetRivers has two modest Craps games, one for Live Dealer and First Person Craps. You can click on either game for a summary. It will also display the latest Craps winner, for example, a PA member who won 31x their bet playing First Person Craps. Thanks to BetRivers’ starter prize, you can hit the online Craps table with up to $250 in bonus money.

8) Caesars’ Craps Options

Caesars Sportsbook and Casino Casino only has Live Dealer Craps. But it’s still worthwhile to play Craps at Caesars because the wagers build Caesars loyalty points. Caesars boasts arguably the best rewards program throughout online and offshore casinos. Such perks of playing Craps include world-class vacations and fine dining.

How the PA Online Craps Sites Compare

Pennsylvania has over twenty online casinos available today. But, we help simplify things by comparing the top PA online Craps casinos and what they offer.

Casino RankSiteWelcome BonusCraps GamesPayout TimeWin PercentageVisit
1FanDuel$1,000 Play It Again4One to five business days97%Play
2BetMGM100% up to $1,000 and a $25 free chip3One to two business days98.3%Play
3Borgata100% up to $1,000 and $20 free chip2One to two business days93%Play
4Betway100% up to $1,0002One to two business days96.05%Play
5FanDuel$1,000 Play It Again3One to five business days97%Play
6PokerStars100% up to $100 in bonuses2One to ten business days96.6%Play
7BetRivers100% up to $2501One to two business days96.1%Play
8Caesars25% up to $200One to two business days97.8%Play

How to Pick the Best Online Craps Sites

While the art of playing Craps isn’t complicated, our expert gambling staff still considers many aspects before settling on a Pennsylvania online Craps casino. We hope you consider these invaluable aspects when deciding where to spend your hard-earned money playing online Craps.

Craps Casino FactorInfo
Bonuses and promotions for CrapsThe best way to win Craps is to win for free. Pay attention to no-deposit bonuses because you can win real money playing online Craps for free. Also, matching bonuses and cash-back credits should factor heavily.
The Craps game developersGaming developers like Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are mainstays for Craps games. DraftKings also specializes in in-house Craps games.
Craps variationsCraps is one of the few casino games that haven’t changed much. Most online casinos offer the same take but through live dealers or first person.
Random results and fairnessBecause the PGCB audits Pennsylvania online casinos and maintains their licenses, players are guaranteed fair and random results. The Craps games use a random number generator.
Banking and withdrawalsOf course, each Craps player has different budget levels. Online casinos in the Quaker State strive to have user-friendly banking options for new and old-school players. Also, the top PA online casinos strive for fast payments, especially through PayPal.
Player comfort levelBesides promotions, game accessibility, and player comfort determine how viable the site is for online Craps. The caliber of the website and essential functions are prime factors for comfort level.

Type of Online Craps in Pennsylvania

Even though Craps has remained consistent throughout the years, more and more online casinos are adapting some variations to spice up the Craps gameplay. While each Craps alternative might have rules and strategies unique to that particular game, the universal Craps rules remain the same. Below are some of the most common Craps games you’ll encounter online and elsewhere.

  • Traditional Craps: Classic Craps, better known as Bank or Casino Craps, is the most common game you’ll find at most online and land-based casinos. Craps players go mono-mono with the Casino or the House. Besides focusing on the house, Craps players must remain in tune with the crowd’s moods and the dealer. Mastering these critical emotions is vital to making sound and winning Craps bets.
  • Street Dice: You might hear it as Street Craps or Street Dice, but this common version can be played on the street corner or any location. Two or more players bet on the number of the two dice rolled. Street Craps follows the rules of conventional Craps, but the players determine the bets. The iconic poker film, The Cincinnati Kid, has Steve McQueen playing Street Craps with a little boy.
  • Online Craps: Since entering Pennsylvania in 2019, online Craps has consistently been one of the most played table games. However, it is available at most online casinos, including offshore, that support live dealer and table games. Playing Craps online is identical to playing in person, except you can go at your own pace or maybe win for free with the right bonuses.
  • High Point Craps: High Point Craps is made with high-rollers in mind. For players that roll the dice and draw either a two or three, the result doesn’t count. Instead, the players must roll the dice again. The aim is to get to eleven or twelve to win. Should you win, the following winning dice number becomes the match point for other spins. Until you top that match point, the dice keep rolling. High Point Craps’ house edge is roughly 2.35%.
  • New York Craps: While not popular in America, New York Craps follows Casino Craps’s rules, but the game layout differs. Position and leverage are instrumental for winning in New York Craps with unique wagers like Come and Don’t Come and Place wagers.

Craps Rules

One of the most notable and recognizable dice games, Craps, involves betting on which number a pair of dice, carefully and strategically rolled, produce. Craps has been portrayed in major Motion pictures and television shows like Diamonds Are Forever and Harlem Nights.

The Mechanics of Craps Play

If this is your maiden voyage for Craps, it might seem like rocket science. But can help get into the Craps flow by understanding some Craps basics.

For example, the dice thrower, frequently referred to as the shooter, bets on the number, and you might see the shooter blow on his hands before rolling the dice for good luck to hit the come-out-roll number. Should the shooter, hopefully, you, win, you dictate the next bet. When playing online Craps, you’ll encounter these common terms and wagers.

  1. The Come-Out-Roll: The player rolling the dice for the first time or for the first time in a series will first declare the number, better known as the Come-Out-Roll. For conventional bets, Craps players might make Pass Line bets. The Pass Line bet wins if the result is a seven or eleven. In contrast, numbers like two, three, and twelve are losers on the Pass Line but are winners on the Don’t Pass Line.
  2. The Point Number: In Bank Craps, if the player rolling the dice draws a 4,5,6,8,9, or a ten, that result becomes the new point number. You’ll want to match that point number to win. Otherwise, rolling a seven spoils things. 
  3. The Continued Rolls: Once you hit the point number, you, the winner, keep rolling the dice. Pass Line bets that match the point number while avoiding the seven are winners, and you keep rolling. However, if the seven hits, you lose.
  4. The New Craps Round: If the winning player hits the points number or a seven, the next Craps round begins. However, if the shooter hits a seven before the point number, the player turns the dice to another player. 
  5. Side Craps Bets: Besides betting on the designated number, players can make additional Craps bets, including Multi-Roll bets. If you hit on these complex bets on top of the point number, you can win a nice chunk of change playing Craps.

Most Important Craps Rules

While you can argue which specific Craps rules are more important than others, there is no question that some rules carry more weight than others.

  1. The Pass Line Bet: The Pass Line Bet is the most fundamental Craps betting rule, and it comes before the Come-Out-Roll bet. Pass Line Bets are winners when you hit a seven or an eleven. However, you lose if you hit a seven before the point bet or hit a two, three, or twelve.
  2. The Don’t Pass Bet: The Don’t Pass Bet is the polar opposite of the Pass Line Bet. You win if you hit a two or three but tie if you hit a twelve. Seven and eleven, in this case, are losers. And if you hit a seven before the point number, you win.
  3. The Come and Don’t Come Bets: Both Come and Don’t Come Bets operate like Pass Line Bets. However, these bets become available when you hit the point number and allow you to pivot to a new playing round mid-game.
  4. Knowing where the dice Lands: Whether it is a gut feeling or a keen strategy, the better you understand which number the dice lands on is essential for victory. Seven is popular with Craps because it hits with the most frequency.
  5. Know Bets Favoring the House: The wise Craps player knows particular bets that favor the house or live dealer. If you want to win in the long run, bypassing Craps bets that favor the house is wise.
  6. Different Rules: For the most part, the essential mechanics and Craps rules are the same. However, some casinos, including online casinos, might have slightly different rules or modifications.

How to Play Online Craps?

Most Craps games have two parts. The initial Craps round is known as the Come Out Round, and the second round is the Point Round. Thus, the Come-Out Roll and Point Number bets.

Understanding the Come Out Round

Assuming you’re playing Casino Craps, you have two fundamental ways to play the Come Out Round.

  • The Pass Line Bets: Seven and eleven are winners on the Pass Line, while twos, threes, and twelves are losers. Numbers that don’t match the previously mentioned numbers determine the point number.
  • The Don’t Pass Line Bets: Unlike Pass Line Bets, twos and threes are winners, while sevens and elevens are losers. Twelves, in this case, are ties. All other rolled dice numbers determine the point number.

It is common practice for most games, including online Craps, for players to gamble on The Pass Line. Once the Pass Line is declared, all Craps players win or lose by the Pass Line.

However, for those who buck conventional wisdom and gamble on the Don’t Pass Line, you might rub other players the wrong way because it’s not considered high-percentage winning. But you don’t have to worry about this when playing online Craps.

The Point Round

Hopefully, you understand how the point number works in Craps. But to refresh, if you are playing Either the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line, and your dice roll hits, 4,5,6,7,8,9, and tens, that result is the point number that must be reached for the next dice roll. This is what is referred to as the Point Round.

The live or in-person dealer will turn a switch or other device to note the beginning of the Point Round. The number the dice produces becomes the point number. Only the players who made wagers in the Come Out Round can make bets in the Point Round.

The Point Round keeps going until you hit a seven. But for the best results, players want to hit the exact point number.

Some casinos, including online casinos, might set hard limits for Craps point rounds. You might be able to place bets from 5x to 100x. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board establishes the rules and odds for PA online Craps, which is between 3x and 5x.

The Different Craps Bets and Odds

Besides having a gut feeling about how the dice rolls, understanding the basic Craps odds and bets works in tandem for you to win. Some Craps bets are designated to a particular phase, while others are optional side bets you can make any time playing Craps. But, generally, the odds favor the player during the Come Out Round.

  • Pass Line Wagers: The conventional Pass Line bets have odds at approximately 1.41%.
  • Don’t Pass Wagers: Most players shy away from Don’t Pass Line wagers is due to the roughly 1.36% odds.

Another benefit of playing in the point round is that the odds of winning are roughly fifty percent. The odds are generous in this case because you have a higher chance of getting any number than a seven. Otherwise, sevens immediately end your game and can lead other players to get on a roll.

It is easy to assume non-seven numbers that hit carry even odds at 1-1, but that’s not the case. We list some of the most common odds when playing Craps.

  • Landing fours and tens: This generous dice roll leads to 2-1 odds.
  • Landing fives and nines: This medium bet yields 3-2 odds.
  • Landing sixes and eights: Getting the dice to roll on these even numbers leads to 6-5 odds.

Unlike point bets, place bets are classic side bets that don’t involve Come Out Rounds. Place Bets gamble on the dice, hitting your number before rolling a seven. Please remember that place bets carry a general 0.46% house edge for betting on sixes and eights. Place bets for fours and tens typically yield a house edge of around 1.67%.

Craps high-rollers might want to consider Hard Ways Bets. In addition to hitting the number, Hard Ways Bets involve getting the same combination of dice to win. While Prop Bets strongly favor the house, they offer betting flexibility and high-risk rewards.

Play Real Money Craps Online

Nothing beats the thrill of going on a winning streak rather than wagering real money. Once you get your online Craps legs under you and gain confidence, it’s time to test your metal in a real-money craps game. All the Quaker State online casinos have one fundamental craps game. While the graphics might be different, they play the same.

Again, we recommend capitalizing on any sign-up bonuses, in particular, to play risk-free Craps online and win real money. Besides the casino welcome package, casino bonuses or table game bonuses might apply to online Craps. And before settling at the Craps table, understand the particular betting requirements.

Of course, you can always refer to our PA online casino reviews to help you determine your Craps destination. In these reviews, you’ll learn about the deposit and withdrawal options to help you get into the game.

Play Online Craps for Free in Pennsylvania

Depending on the Quaker State online casino, you can play Craps practice rounds. However, live dealer Craps doesn’t have a demo mode. Playing practice Craps games unlocks all the game functions so you can see how it works and, hopefully, build a winning strategy. However, you are ineligible to win real money playing practice Craps.

When you finish your real-money Craps session, and log out, the next time you log in to your account, you play again with a fresh slate. It doesn’t matter if you won or lost in previous playing sessions. All Pennsylvania online casinos adhere to the PGCB’s 3x to 5x maximum betting requirements while playing in the point round. This provides flexibility for playing Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line wagers. You can refer to our guide to brush up on Craps’ rules.

Don’t Forget About the Free Chips

Sites like Borgata and BetMGM entice new players to join their ranks through sign-up bonuses. As it implies, after successfully creating your account at such sites and it becomes active, online Casinos that offer sign-up bonuses automatically add them to your account.

Unless expressly specified, you can use the free chips to play Craps. There might be additional casino bonuses, such as cashback and rebate bonuses, that you can apply to online Craps.

Also, VIP and loyalty club members might get additional free chips or cash in some points to play online Craps. Bally Casino, for example, allows you to use Bally Bucks on casino games.

How to Start Playing Online Craps for Real Money

When you’ve had enough of practicing Craps, it’s a breeze to begin playing Craps for real money with these steps.

  • Study the Online Casinos: All online casinos in the Keystone State have the backing of the PGCB, so you know they are legit. We recommend playing Craps only at a licensed casino for fair results and consumer protection.
  • Create Your Account: Once you’ve settled on an online casino, create your account. The PGCB requires you to be 21 and over to create an account and be physically in the state to make real money wagers.
  • Understand the Bonuses: Some online casinos have sign-up bonuses, while others don’t. Virtually all of these sites have some form of matching bonus for new members or casino credits, should you lose.
  • Make Your Deposit: Most Quaker State online gambling sites have instant-processing deposit methods for old-school and new-school casino players. Credit Cards and Play+ are common banking methods.
  • Choose Your Craps Game: After making your deposit, head to the virtual lobby, then select your Craps game or the live dealer version.
  • Make Your Wager: Now that you understand how Craps bets make your desired wager, then let the dice roll. It is always a wise move to begin making small bets.
  • Enjoy the Game: Now put all the Craps rules and knowledge you’ve learned here to the test by playing a real-money game.

Advanced Craps Learning Tips

Are you growing bored playing low-level Craps? But what if you want to take your online Craps skills up a notch with prop and multi-level bets? Is it even possible for a Craps newbie like me? While we can’t guarantee anything, you stand more than a puncher’s chance rolling the dice with these advanced Craps tips.

  • Know the Odds and House Edge: It takes more than wrist speed to roll the dice and win. To get to an advanced Craps level, you must master to a science the odds and which bets and games favor the house. The rule of thumb playing Craps is betting on the odds that favor you, the player.

Not knowing which bets pay a higher percentage to the house can affect your bankroll and long-term winning strategy. For this reason, Craps strategists rely heavily on Don’t Come Bets along with Pass and Don’t Pass Bets.

  • The Craps Five-Count: The standard Craps five-count begins with the shooter establishing the point number and ends after the same shooter rolls the dice five times while successfully avoiding the seven. Once this happens, non-shooters begin placing their wagers.

The theory behind the five-count is that the player leaves a nice sum of money on the table while you hold on to your bankroll. In most cases, after successfully rolling the dice five times, the shooter’s luck begins to run out, while yours has, hopefully, just begun.

  • Plan Your Craps Budget:  It’s common sense that the longer you stay in the Craps game, the greater the odds of winning or hitting a winning streak. If your losses are mounting, consider leaving the game. Likewise, all great winning streaks have to come to an end. After successfully pulling off the five-count, you might consider calling it a day.
  • Beware of Prop Bets: While Craps prop bets offer higher payouts, the risk factor can’t be ignored. Prop bets greatly favor the house and are meant to be one-time bets. So, consider using prop bets sparingly.
  • Hone Your Craft: No matter how refined your Craps strategy is, there’s always room for improvement. And that’s where the demo Craps game comes into play.
  • Study Other Craps Players: Thanks to the internet, you can learn from some of the best Craps players for free. Investing in learning from others can help you get on a Craps winning streak.

How Pennsylvania Laws Govern Online Craps

The journey for online Craps begins with former Governor Ed Rendell’s signage of Act 271 in 2004. While Act 271 didn’t sanction Craps or table games, it did authorize land-based casinos for slot games and the creation of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. And as 2009 drew to a close, the more than half-dozen casinos and racinos produced hundreds of millions of dollars in precious tax revenue.

Craps and table games joined slot betting thanks to Ed Rendell’s 2010 amendment. The 2010 amendment also expanded the number of casinos and the amount of slot games Category One Casinos could host. Craps, like other table games, contribute 16% tax, far lower than slot games.

Online Craps became legal with Governor Wolf signing HB 271 in 2017. However, Quaker State players didn’t get their first taste of Pennsylvania online Craps until 2019. Casinos with regular licenses instantly qualify for online licenses and sports betting.

History of Craps

Craps has an engaging and unlikely history stemming to the days of Ancient Rome, as dice. Supposedly, Roman soldiers carved pig knuckles into crude dice to throw onto their shields. Also, many scholars believe at this time, Roman slaves used shells and other scraps to play their dice games.

Some historians trace Craps to the ancient Arabic game Azzahr, while others place Craps in the English Crusade period. It is believed that Craps was a popular pastime by American Pioneers in the early 1800s.

Around this time, John H. Winn, a prominent dice player and innovator, ushered in the modern-day Don’t Pass Bet to help restore fairness and integrity to future Craps games. Don’t Pass is the foundation for today’s casino Craps games and online Craps.

But it wasn’t until Craps hit the golden age of Las Vegas casinos that it gained its mystique. Thanks to the large crowd gatherings, the buzz and excitement made Craps the social game to play in casinos and in social settings. Of course Hollywood picked up the Craps trend, and helped to send its popularity through the stratosphere in films like Guys and Dolls, starring Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra, and  Casino starring Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone.

Craps reached a new and exciting level when it went live in the Birthplace of America in 2019. Players from all over the state could enjoy online Craps on their terms. Thanks to practice play, members can continue working on winning Craps strategies for years to come. 

Pennsylvania Online Craps FAQs

What does it take to win playing Craps?

To excel at Craps, you must master how the odds work and develop a feel or a high percentage of correctly guessing the dice roll. While you can play it safe with Don’t Pass and Pass Bets among Don’t Come Bets, Craps boils down to the luck of the roll.

Can I expect Casino Sign Up Bonuses?

Most Pennsylvania online gambling sites offer a general welcome package. Most sign-up bonuses involve a 100% matching bonus, adding up anywhere from $250 to $2,000. You might also have a no-deposit bonus to play online Craps. Be mindful of the bonus promotions when using them.

Can I play other online casino games?

Most certainly. PA online casinos have a full lineup of online poker, slots, table games, and, in most cases, sports betting. Video poker, Roulette, and Blackjack are available, too, not to mention live dealer play.

How can Craps novices find success?

For new Craps players, it is wise to begin with small bets. It is also wise for beginning Craps players to stick to one bet at a time, particularly the high-percentage Pass Bet. Playing practice rounds of Craps can build confidence and understanding before playing for real and graduating to more complex bets.