WSOP PA: Review & Bonus Code (2024)

WSOP poker
100% Matching Bonus Up to $1,000 or $100 in Bonus Free Play


Brand Info

  • Established Date: July 2021
  • Regulated by: Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
  • Owner: Caesars Entertainment
  • Max Bonus: 100% worth $1,000 plus $100 in free play
  • Partnered Casino: Harrah’s Philadelphia
  • APP: Android and iOS
  • Tremendous welcome bonus options
  • Fabled and lucrative poker tournaments
  • A bevy of freeroll tournaments
  • Live poker options
  • Part of the legendary Caesars brand for reward points
  • Limited to state play in the Quaker State
  • Small poker game selection
  • Small deposit and withdrawal options

Main Features

  • Superb mobile apps for Android and IOS
  • Very generous minimum deposits and withdrawal options
  • The one of a kind WSOP poker tournaments
  • The welcome freeroll poker tournaments

WSOP Pennsylvania Review

Dane Terrell
By:Dane Terrell

Since making its debut in the summer of 202 after a lengthy trial period, WSOP PA brought the world-famous World Series of Poker to the forefront for savvy Pennsylvania poker players. During WSOP season, members in the Birthplace of America can compete against other players in the state for high-stakes cash games and the state-level gold bracelet.

WSOP Casino offers daily updates for its captivating satellite tournaments that are always happening to daily and freeroll tournaments for new players and VIP members to either get into poker spirit or compete at championship poker at the highest level. WSOP also has a special poker section for mobile players in mind.

WSOP Promo Code in Pennsylvania for 2024

While most PA online casinos that have multiple welcome bonuses only let new members opt into one, WSOP showers new Keystone State players with multiple parts to its welcome package. Besides the standard matching bonus, WSOP Casino showers new members in the Quaker State with a free bonus package and multiple freeroll tournament entries.

Breaking Down WSOP’s Matching Bonus

WSOP has one of the most generous and lowest deposit thresholds in the Quaker State. For ten bucks, new WSOP members can get a free piece of the 100% matching bonus for a maximum of $1,000. To receive the entire $1,000, you must deposit $500. But, WSOP doesn’t give new members entire access to this welcome package immediately. Instead, new WSOP members will get the matching bonus in these installments once they accrue enough WSOP loyalty points:

  1. Ten loyalty points equates to a $1 up to the first $10 of the bonus
  2. The following $50 chunk of the welcome prize equates to $5 per 50 loyalty points accrued
  3. The remaining bonus balance breaks down to $10 per 100 loyalty points

But work fast because, after 60 days, any bonus money unused becomes void. Regardless of how much you deposit for the first time, new WSOP members automatically apply for a portion of the entire $1,000. The low end is $25, which requires a full $1,000 bet on the first deposit to qualify for the $100 bonus bet.

WSOP’s Welcome Freeroll

And for the third piece of the welcome package, WSOP showers new members with up to seven freeroll tickets. Deposit the $10 minimum to qualify for seven freerolls. Compete against other new members daily for additional jackpots. However, new WSOP members must play within seven days or risk missing out.

WSOP Welcome Bonus Code:N/A
Total new member welcome package:$1,100
Welcome deposit value:100% matching bonus up to $1,000
Second welcome bonus:Up to $100 in free play

WSOP Ongoing Promotions

Besides the selection of online casino games, or in this case, online poker options, the availability and value of promotions are critical for new members to invest their time, energy, and money at an online casino. WSOP takes this to heart and answers the bell with well-versed promotions, freerolls, and jam-packed loyalty rewards for the Quaker State.

Because poker tournaments are essential to WSOP’s gaming arsenal, it commonly has unique leaderboards for MTTs, Sit and Go, and Blast tournaments. Members who finish in the top slots of these leaderboards receive additional prizes.

While WSOP strongly favors tournament players, members can still enjoy occasional reload and cashback bonuses as a thank-you and to help recoup some previous losses. Depending on the bonus, WSOP members might have to opt into it and enter a WSOP PA bonus code. Reload bonuses can inspire you to bet again and increase the cash game rake.

WSOP’s Football Fridays

What exactly does Football have with poker? Consider WSOP’s exceptional Friday feature, where members compete for an authentic NFL jersey. To qualify, WSOP members in the Quaker State must opt-in and play ten or more Blast games every Friday. Two members are chosen randomly by WSOP for NFL Store gift cards.

WSOPs’ Player Recruitment Promotion

If you love WSOP poker, why not get your friends and loved ones to join? For every five people you get to join WSOP PA, you will get 100% rakeback for three months. Once these recruits make their first deposit, you can get 100% rakeback, Blast, or other poker tournament tickets.

WSOP’s Player of the Year

While every WSOP member is considered unique, one player will stand out from the Quaker State pack every year. Thanks to WSOP’s annual Player of the Year, one lucky player stands to gain these lavish prizes:

  • $10,000 in cash
  • A ring celebrating your honor
  • Up to $1,500 in WSOP tournament tickets

To qualify, you must be a WSOP member in good standing and become a poker tournament beast to rack up precious points from New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve. Also, some WSOP poker tournaments might feature multipliers to enhance reward points and stock.

Payment Options at WSOP PA

WSOP Casino doesn’t exactly break the bank for deposit and withdrawal options, but it uses some of the most reputable and user-friendly banking methods. With these secure and trusted banking methods per PGCB’s standards, WSOP members can get into the virtual lobby at any time with these methods.

WSOP Banking OptionDeposit eligible?Withdrawal eligible?
Credit and Debit CardsYesNo
ACH (VIP Preffered)YesYes
WSOP Play+ CardYesYes
Casino Cash CageYesYes

Through WSOP’s partnership with Harrah’s Philadelphia, WSOP members can fund their accounts and play from the comfort of their home or office if they so prefer. Or, have a ball at a first-class site like Harrah’s. Through PayNearMe, members can set up a payment barcode online and then take it to make instant deposits at licensed stores like 7-Eleven and CVS.

While credit card payments are processed instantly, not every banking institution supports online gambling. These banking institutions might flag these transactions as fraudulent or suspicious, so you might want to check with them first for the green light.

WSOP PA Rewards

WSOP reward points are a precious commodity and in high demand. Besides helping members in the Keystone State enjoy WSOP’s rewards store and benefits, these loyalty points also help you in Caesars’ legendary VIP program. Caesars’ reward points are a precious stock because they allow you to advance to generous perks on many levels, but they are usable through Caesars’ brand of online casinos and land-based casino resorts. This includes WSOP’s partner casino, Harrah’s Philadelphia.

A buck wagered in WSOP’s poker game rakes or tournaments rewards you with two Caesar reward points. WSOP breaks down your loyalty points at this casino, better known as Action Play Points, and the other half toward Caesars loyalty points. The higher your WSOP VIP level, the more reward points you accrue.

WSOP Loyalty LevelAction Play Points NeededWSOP Multipliers
Player (entry level)None0x
Bronze200 monthly4x
Silver750 monthly10x
Elite1,500 monthly12.5x
Champions Club20,000 annually16x

WSOP PA Online Tournaments

While WSOP PA doesn’t focus on poker game variety, it goes above and beyond the call of duty with some of the best online poker tournaments throughout the Commonwealth and the internet – especially with its legendary poker series, The World Series of Poker. Every year, players worldwide compete for the coveted golden bracelet, bragging rights, and some seriously loaded jackpots that can easily break the million dollar barrier.

While the World Series of Poker isn’t directly linked to the Keystone State, WSOP members can still get satisfaction with many elite poker tournaments with entry fees suitable for players with small to big budgets and win some prestigious prizes that are the envy of other poker organizations. For example, the Big Sunday Event tournament lets players go for broke with $75,000 guaranteed in the jackpot. Discovering WSOP’s schedule for exceptional daily and weekly tournaments leads to these promising poker tournaments:

WSOP’s Fabulous Sit and Go Tournaments

Multi-table tournaments (MTTs) are the main crux of the poker playing at WSOP. This sets the foundation for Sit and Go tournaments (SNG) that are always abundant and available daily. No-Limit Hold’em is the main event game for Sit and Go tournaments. You can quickly find a table with favorable buy-ins depending on the time of day. 

However, at certain hours, SNG availability and buy-ins might sometimes become difficult. While some SNGs might vary in pot size and intensity, WSOP members can typically pencil in steady poker blinds that don’t really differ from other online gambling sites in the State.

SNGs carry the high intensity of MTTs, but they spice things up by having something different with each game. Also, most Sit and Go tournaments finish much faster than MTTs. Due to their extreme popularity, Sit and Gos are available around the clock. They begin when all players gather and usually play between six and nine hands.  

The Multi-Table Tournaments

WSOP's multi-table tournaments are the centerpiece when playing high-stakes and competitive poker tournaments. Unlike Sit and Gos, which go game per game, multi-table tournaments usually begin at several tables at once, with up to ten players playing at each table with Pot Limit Omaha. The aim is to make it to the final table. MTTs have many promotions, including freerolls catered to them.

WSOP’s Blast-Style Tournaments

Blasts are jackpot versions of Sit and Gos. Things are kept short and sweet but competitive with three players going at it for a predetermined jackpot. WSOP Casino players choose among four Blast prize levels where players from all budgets can comfortably compete. A ten-cent buy-in can lead to a ,000 jackpot, but $30 brings the house down, pun intended, with a $300k pot.

The Knockout Tournaments

Knockout tournaments are growing in fanbase and availability at online casinos. As a result, WSOP offers regular knockout and progressive knockout tournaments. Both tournaments encourage aggressive poker play by rewarding players with 50% of their knocked-out opponents' winnings, with the other half being placed on your head for other players to knock you out. Progressive knockout tournaments work the same way, but each player’s bounty grows as the game progresses.

Poker Games Available at WSOP Pennsylvania

While WSOP PA doesn’t have a stable of poker games, it does focus on the ones that produce the most results in the poker tournaments. From Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud, WSOP has detailed online guides to help you make the winning hand.

1) Texas Hold’em

As the name implies, Texas Hold’em origins stem back to a small Texas town in the early 1900s. Due to its popularity, Texas Hold’em has become the most popular alternative poker game, surpassing Seven Card Stud. As Texas Hold’em became a staple at Las Vegas casinos, it became the game of choice for, ironically, the very first World Series of Poker tournament in 1970. 

Texas Hold’em players begin with two hole cards that are dealt face down for every player. Afterward, five community cards are dealt to the participating players in three stages. The initial Texas Hold’em stage is called the “pre-flop,” The pre-flop happens after the blinds are established. After the pre-flop, then “the flop,” the turns, and ultimately “the river,” otherwise known as the “showdown,” happens. After the hands are dealt, each player strategizes on presenting the best hand to win. 

No-Limit Hold’em is Texas Hold’em without restrictions on the jackpot. It is also the game for Multi-Table Tournaments. Texas Hold’em is such a high-stakes game that the James Bond thriller Casino Royale shows an ultra-competitive game in high society.

2) Omaha Poker

Omaha, otherwise known as Pot Limit Omaha Poker, runs a close second to Texas Hold’em in terms of popularity. For the most part, Omaha’s pots grow as more players join the table. Regarding cash games, the rakes can increase with increasing blinds and more players joining. A popular alternative, Omaha hi-low is a staple of cash games at WSOP Casino. 

Omaha Poker involves dealing four cards face down. All players must use two initial cards in their hand and three community cards they are dealt. Like Texas Hold’em, Omaha uses a 52-card deck, and the game usually consists of six or nine hands. With Pot Limit Omaha, up to ten players can join the mix, determining the jackpot before the first hand begins. 

In Omaha hi-low, all participating players make up a second five-card hand from the initial hole and community cards dealt. Based on this unique side bet, the game’s pot is split from the hi and lo sides of the hand. 

3) Seven Card Stud

Before Texas Hold’em dominated the casinos, Seven Card Stud, a Stud Poker variant, was the premier poker alternative for big tournaments. Of all the poker variants, Seven Card Stud plays the most like traditional poker.

Cash games with Seven Card Stud usually have two to eight players. Depending on the game with the maximum number of players, there might be special rules about how players fold during the last hand. 

Typically, each player in Seven Card Stud is dealt two cards face down and one card dealt face up. Unlike other poker variations, the Seven Card Stud player, with the lowest value card dealt face up, is responsible for covering the “bring-in.” In case of ties, the card’s suit serves as a tie-breaker to determine who plays the bring-in.

Once the betting round finishes, all Seven Card Stud players are dealt another face-up card. This betting stage has players trying to outdo each other with their additional dealt cards. What makes Seven Card Stud unique in this instance is that the traditional poker straights, flushes, and full houses aren’t available due to the lack of cards. After the fifth betting round, the finale, the showdown, begins.

How to Sign Up at WSOP PA

Even though WSOP PA has many bells and whistles on its website and apps, it simplifies the registration process for new players. It only takes a handful of minutes for poker enthusiasts in the Birthplace of America to join WSOP and begin competing in elite poker tournaments with these straightforward steps:

  1. Be sure to visit WSOP online.
  2. Navigate to the “promotions” page, then click the “claim your bonus” button to trigger the download screen.
  3. Click the “download the Pennsylvania poker client.”
  4. Start the software installation.
  5. Once finished, choose WSOP PA as your territory, then click the “Sign Up” button.
  6. Fill out all the WSOP membership fields, then press “submit”.
  7. Check your email for WSOP verification link to finalize your account.
  8. Log in and make your first deposit.

WSOP PA Software

When the Quaker State legalized online poker, it opened the door to becoming the first American state to see what the Poker 8 software could do. WSOP’s modern-day poker software has its roots in the world-famous 888 Poker brand. And just like the number 8 has special meaning in Asian lore and slot games, the Poker 8 software represents what today’s latest generation of video consoles means for dedicated poker games.

No sooner do you log into your account, you see the power and influence that Poker 8’s software has on WSOP’s current website and apps. After practicing and playing with the new and improved Poker 8 software engine, it becomes clear why WSOP is the undisputed poker site in the Commonwealth, including these exceptional features.

It Is Highly Reliable

Dedicated poker players, like the ones in the Keystone State require more than a flashy design to keep dedicated poker players engaged. After all, what good is working your poker strategy for hours at end, and in the moment of truth, a massive glitch ruins your would-be winning hand?

Thanks to the re-tooled and improved Poker 8 engine, WSOP members don’t even have to consider untimely glitches. The Poker 8 engine strives to maintain viable internet connections for as long as possible to make you a winner. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can instantly enjoy the WSOP’s software benefits after downloading it to your preferred device.

Robust and Superior Functions

WSOP’s latest poker software complements the website’s highly popular and user-friendly navigation with new enhanced functions. The WSOP software focuses on essential functions, with additional features that Quaker State players will surely use and appreciate.

To help members find their favorite games instantly, the new and improved WSOP software neatly and efficiently organizes the games for easy selection. The menu is in the header, where you can quickly find the poker game categories. To further help you find the right game, the poker categories also detail rake player tables and variations like Omaha hi-lo. For tournament players, the menu includes current tournaments, pot size, and the particular poker game.

The Elegant Design

Besides serving as a high-level and functioning piece of software, from a visual standpoint, WSOP’s software is breathtakingly beautiful. WSOP's software also has realistic effects as you navigate around the icons and features. After spending time with the new and improved WSOP software, it becomes apparent that its engineers developed a five-star poker machine with both new and experienced players in mind to play and win at their own pace.

WSOP Pennsylvania App

Besides too-good-to-be-true promotions and a dominant game selection, online casino apps favor heavily in their success and the ability to attract new members. WSOP’s mobile apps work for Android and IOS players, allowing them the same access to the perks and benefits from the main website. Enjoy your favorite poker games and tournaments with these WSOP PA app features.

App FeaturesFor Android and Apple apps
Available at?Pennsylvania
App compared to main websiteOne player at a table. App doesn’t have Pot Limit Omaha
Poker Games on handNo Limit Hold’em for cash and tournament games
Starting deposit$10
Starting withdrawal$10
App payment methodsCredit cards, PayPal, PayNearMe, Play+, Casino Cash Cage and ACH
Good for?Cash money games and prime poker tournaments
New member bonus100% up to $1,000

Why WSOP’s App Excels

Because the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board monitors WSOP with a sharp eye, members can relax and game, knowing that WSOP’s apps are up to the industry’s standards and more. Through Wi-Fi, we will geo-locate your position to check for compliance.

Fans of No Limit Hold’em will be especially happy to know that this championship poker game is available on WSOP’s mobile apps. That means Pennsylvanians can compete for lavish jackpots and the state’s version of the WSOP’s golden bracelets right from the comfort of their homes. The WSOP app ties in with the main website’s functions, including the cashier. With a few taps, WSOP members can make instant deposits and process withdrawal requests. Also, with the app, you can easily log into your account and pick up the championship poker play without creating a new account. WSOP’s apps also tie you into the latest bonuses and the appropriate bonus terms and requirements. And you can check your loyalty status and current reward points directly from WSOP’s apps.

How WSOP’s Apps Differ from the Main Site

For the most part, WSOP’s mobile apps sync with the main website, so members can quickly go back and forth between the two modes without missing a beat. However, some slight differences exist, including the inability to multi-table poker games on the apps. Because MTTs are so beloved, many poker players might still flock to WSOP’s main website.

If you’re looking for Pot Limit Omaha tournaments, you might be disappointed that WSOP’s apps don’t have them. Also, the apps don’t contain cash games for Pot Limit Omaha, so you won’t be able to build up the rakeback playing through the apps. However, there is no shortage of No Limit Hold’em tournament games. But with what is available on the apps, WSOP members in the Keystone State can still build precious loyalty points.

WSOP PA Customer Support

Even though WSOP has a global presence, it breaks down high-level customer support in each state to better address that state’s needs. Nonetheless, WSOP’s customer support is available 24/7, all year, to address its prized members' needs and concerns in the Quaker State through these methods:

  • Email
  • Toll-free phone 
  • Help forum

For members who don’t mind doing a little digging, WSOP has a built-in help forum to help members get back on their feet. WSOP's FAQs help with common member issues including bonus terms. We have first-hand knowledge of WSOP’s customer help and can gladly say that it is top-notch with a timely response.

Responsible Gambling at WSOP PA

When you visit WSOP’s website or navigate through the app, it is instantly clear that you are dealing with championship-level poker. With generous promotions to help new members get off on the good foot, there is a lot to like and explore at WSOP. But, a critical component of online gambling is responsible gambling.

Knowing your limits and when to quit is something that WSOP encourages its members to follow. To help its esteemed members in the Keystone State practice responsible gambling habits, WSOP has a dedicated responsible gaming section. With these responsible gaming measures, WSOP members can take control of their playing affairs with these measures:

  • Playing session limits
  • Loss limits
  • Cool-off periods

WSOP members can institute playing and loss limits right after they create accounts. But, at any time, they can set them to stay in the game longer. The longer you stay in the game with a budget, the odds will eventually hit their way.

In the case of early gambling addiction, WSOP members can opt to stay away either temporarily or permanently. Because the PGCB takes gambling addiction seriously as a license requirement, online casinos like WSOP must give their members the option of placing themselves on the self-exclusion list. While on the self-exclusion list, members won’t be able to participate in real-money games or receive promotions.

History of WSOP PA

WSOP, home of the world-famous World Series of Poker, is a proud member of the illustrious Caesars Entertainment brand. Before its epic re-branding, Caesars Entertainment was already world-famous and a go-to gambling destination as Harrah’s Entertainment. This is why Harrah’s Philadelphia is the proud partner casino of WSOP and other prime Caesars’ online casinos.

While being part of Caesars’ brand is half of WSOP’s successful equation, the other half is its association with Dragonfish, the powerhouse behind WSOP’s phenomenal poker software. Should WSOP PA join its sister sites’ poker pool agreement in New Jersey and Delaware, Pennsylvania poker will reach the final frontier.

WSOP PA Review Verdict

  • Mobile App: 4/5
  • Web Platform: 5/5
  • Pricing & Betting Options: 4.5/5
  • UX: 5/5
  • Deposits & Withdrawals: 4/5

The Good:

  • Arguably the most lucrative poker tournaments in the state.
  • Super generous welcome package.
  • Very fast and reliable customer help.

Room for Improvement:

  • Limited poker game selection.
  • Mobile apps don’t support multi-table play.
  • Could use more withdrawal options 

Bottom Line:

WSOP took its International poker pedigree for lavish tournaments and worldwide media attention into the Keystone State in the summer of 2021 and continues reaching new heights. Keeping the poker game selection simple allows members to hone their skills with the help of online poker guides to compete in the daily Sit and Go and seasonal poker contests. Even without dedicated sports betting, WSOP’s latest poker software takes organized poker to the next level.

WSOP PA Overall Rating: 4/5

WSOP Pennsylvania FAQs

When did WSOP launch in the Quaker State?

After successful test runs, WSOP went to full operations in the Keystone State in July 2021. There was a tremendous buildup of WSOP going live, with the International online poker brand announcing its intentions to come to Pennsylvania well before the launch.

Does WSOP Have a License?

Indeed so. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board manages WSOP’s license in the Keystone State. Having a license gives members certain protections to conduct financial transactions and play competitive online casino games with peace of mind.

Does WSOP PA Have Gold Bracelets for Winning?

WSOP members in the Quaker State can compete against other members in high-class poker tournaments to win engraved bracelets. Please check WSOP's poker tournament schedule for the latest blockbuster annual tournaments, such as the WSOP Circuit Online Gold Ring Series.

Due to these annual tournaments' high stakes and competitive nature, you can expect higher-than-average buy-ins to these acclaimed tournaments. Perhaps tournament discounts might be available through promotions like freerolls and VIP points.

Can I Play WSOP outside Pennsylvania?

Unfortunately, no. Per state law and as a license requirement, WSOP members must be physically present in The Independence State to be eligible for real-money wagers. WSOP, also as a PGCB license requirement, uses geo-location tools to verify that its members are inside the state. Thanks to legislation signed by Governor Tom Wolf, poker players in the state can log in and play for real from anywhere in the state, including truck stops. However, players can register and access their accounts outside the state.

Does WSOP Have other Legal Sites?

It most certainly does. Besides a legal operation in the Commonwealth, WSOP has legal casinos in Nevada, New Jersey, and Michigan. Canadians can also enjoy competitive and championship online poker in Ontario, Canada. All WSOP members must be at least 21 years old and belong to a state or province where WSOP is legal. For Canadians, WSOP CA is a separate entity compared to the American sites.

Does WSOP’s American Sites Share Profits?

The long and the skinny is no. For WSOP members in Nevada, Delaware, and Michigan, those online casinos have agreed to a multi-state interstate poker agreement (MSIGA), meaning that the poker pools for specific tournaments are combined in multiple states to further enrich the pot. However, while there is tremendous hope that WSOP in the Commonwealth joins this agreement, Pennsylvanians will have to continue competing with only other members in the state.

Can I Use One WSOP Account in Other States?

No, you can’t. Because WSOP is considered its own entity in each state, members must have separate accounts. Players don’t have to be physically located or residents of those states, like New Jersey and Michigan, to create accounts. However, like the Quaker State site, members must be 21 or older and physically located in those states to compete in real-money games.

Can I Transfer Funds Between WSOP’s Inter State Casinos?

Not at this time. Because each WSOP site is separate from other states, transferring funds, say from WSOP New Jersey to WSOP Michigan, is not allowed. Each WSOP Casino has its own cashier and won’t permit transfers outside of withdrawal requests to a member’s banking account or legitimate payment solution like PayPal.

Are Blast Tournaments an Option?

Blast tournaments are a key component of online poker tournaments in WSOP Online Casino. These buy-in tournaments have different entry thresholds so players with different budgets can find a spot.

How Does WSOP’s Poker Software Rate?

WSOP’s poker software uses the latest generation of the Poker 8 engine, which industry critics hold in high esteem. 888 Poker is the brains and the company behind the vaulted Poker 8 engine. Thanks to new and improved functions and stable and highly reliable uptime, WSOP members are ensured of an A+ poker outing.

Does WSOP Support Apps?

Yes. WSOP supports the latest generation of Android and Apple mobile devices. WSOP’s mobile apps, like the poker software, also rank highly in efficiency and player comfort. WSOP players can easily install the apps anywhere, but to comply with geo-location requirements, they must create their accounts in their state. They can do so easily on the apps or enter their existing accounts and log in.

Does WSOP Partner with Anyone?

WSOP in the Quaker State proudly partners with Harrah’s Philadelphia. Both are proud members of the legendary Caesars Entertainment brand.