PA Online Video Poker

As online casinos continue to grow in profits and popularity in the Keystone State, video poker continues to be more important than ever for continued success. Since poker became legal in the Quaker State, the premier gambling sites have ensured a viable video poker lineup to engage members who want a break from tournaments and live dealer poker. Thanks to video poker, Pennsylvania, outside of Nevada, generates the most tax revenue for online gambling in the country. We gladly share years of personal playing experience, to help you become a winner.

Best Casinos for PA Video Poker in 2024

Betting Site
Bet Now
DraftKings casino
DraftKings Casino
100% Matching Bonus Worth Up to $2000
fanduel casino
FanDuel Casino
$1,000 Play it Again for First 24 Hours
BetMGM casino
BetMGM Casino
$1000 Deposit Match & $25 Free Play
Caesars casino
Caesars Casino
200% First Deposit Match + $10 Bonus
betrivers casino
BetRivers Casino
100% Matching Bonus Worth $250

Is Video Poker Legal in Pennsylvania?

Poker has been legal in the Independence State since 2004. Former Governor Ed Rendell signed the Gaming Act of 2004 bill, which set the stage for legal casinos in the state. The Gaming Act of 2004 only applied to slot games and horse racing. 

It took Governor Rendell signing the gambling expansion bill into law in 2010, which sanctioned table game wagers, including Pennsylvania video poker. Approximately a dozen casinos have video poker devices on the game floor. PA online video poker became available in 2019 when Governor Tom Wolf signed the online gambling bill into law in 2017. From a brick-and-mortar casino or through mobile apps, Pennsylvanians can play video anytime and anywhere in the state.

What Are the Best Video Poker Sites in PA?

While video poker games might not be as popular as slots and table games like Blackjack, they remain a pillar for PA online casinos. All the top-tier gambling sites in the Commonwealth have a sizable lineup, with some having more than others. Like slots and table games, video poker wagers build precious reward points.

1) PokerStars Delivers Video Poker

Of all the Quaker State online casinos, PokerStars has the most video poker games with eleven. Online gamblers will be excited to find the staples like Jacks or Better and Aces and Faces. To help new players get off to a good start, PokerStars offers the choice between the 100% matching bonus worth up to $600, or $150 in bonus play.

2) DraftKings Abundant Video Poker Lineup

Next to PokerStars PA, DraftKings has the most Pennsylvania video poker options with nine games. From the standalone version of Casino Hold’em to the Game King Video Poker Suite, DraftKings offers a variety for Pennsylvanians. Draw poker is highly popular, with Five-Play, Ten-Play, and Triple-Play versions available 24/7. New DraftKings members can choose a 100% matching bonus worth up to $500 or $1,000 in net losses.

3) Borgata’s Rewarding Video Poker Games

Borgata, like PokerStars, offers Keystone State players nine video poker games. Like the other online gambling sites in the state, Borgata offers the same titles, including the Game King Suite and the Ultimate X series. Like its sister site, BetMGM, Borgata is part of the MGM brand, so win or lose, your video poker wagers accrue reward points.

Both these points apply to Borgata’s VIP club and MGM tier points. Borgata hooks new players with a welcome bonus worth up to $1,000, plus a $20 no-deposit bonus.

4) FanDuel’s Diverse Video Poker Options

FanDuel offers Quaker State players seven engaging games. For Texas Hold’em fans who want to play alone, FanDuel offers Ultimate Texas Hold’em to match wits with the CPU. To get off to a good start with Pennsylvania video poker, FanDuel rewards new members with up to $1,000 in starter bonus money and 50 free spins for most of its available slot games.

5) BetMGM’s Elegant Video Poker Selection

While BetMGM doesn’t offer any exotic video poker games, it does have the essentials and fan favorites to compete with other gambling sites in the Keystone State. BetMGM’s welcome bonus, worth up to $1,000, remains an enticing draw, as is the $25 no-deposit bonus. 

6) Caesars Video Poker Options

If you’re looking for an abundance of video poker online in Pennsylvania, Caesars Sportsbook might disappoint. Caesars Sportsbook is built for sports betting, but it is extremely helpful for building reward points. So, playing its online casino games builds valuable reward points.

Also, Caesars' mobile apps reward you for using them. For example, app users who deposit $40 get $25 in bonus money for all the casino games.

7) Betway’s Modest Video Poker Lineup

While Betway doesn’t offer a vast selection, it remains in step with the other Quaker State video poker sites, with the most common games. Betway has Ten Play and Triple Play Poker. Despite the small selection, new members can get a boost with the 100% matching bonus worth up to $1,000. Also, it only takes $10 to jump into the gameplay.

8) SugarHouse Has the Sweet Video Poker Play

SugarHouse is new to the online gambling scene in the Quaker State, but it offers a decent video poker lineup with eight games. Besides the staple Video King Suite, SugarHouse Casino stands out with the popular alternative, Jacks or Better Double Up. While you can’t preview the games, SugarHouse does have a summary of each game. It also gives you the minimum bet amount.

SugarHouse Casino has some of the smallest betting requirements in the State, usually for as low as a dime or a quarter. New SugarHouse members benefit from the 100% matching bonus worth up to $250.

How the Best PA Video Poker Sites Compare

Currently, there are more than a dozen online gambling sites in the Quaker State. Members can dive into their favorite video poker game anytime, 24/7, and anywhere in the State. To help you make the best investment in time and resources, we’ve put together this table comparing the best sites in the State.

Site RankingOnline CasinoBonus ValueVideo Poker GamesPayout TimeRTPWhere to Play
1PokerStars100% worth up to $60011One to ten business days96.6%Visit Casino
2DraftKings100% up to $2,0009One to five business days97.31%Visit Casino
3Borgata100% up to $2,000 plus $20 free chip9One to two business days93%Visit Casino
4FanDuel$1,000 Play It Again7One to five business days97%Visit Casino
5BetMGM100% up to $1,000 plus $25 free chip7One to two business days98.3%Visit Casino
6Caesars$25 casino bonus3One to two business days97.8%Visit Casino
7Betway100% up to $1,0001One to two business days96.05%Visit Casino
8SugarHouse100% up to $2508Two to five business days93%Visit Casino

How to Pick the Best Video Poker Sites

In our opinion, besides pure entertainment value, several factors go into selecting the best video poker casino in the Keystone State. We have first hand experience with the online casinos in the Birthplace of America, so we can say that following these tips can lead you to a rewarding and fun experience.

  1. Game Variety: Depending on your gaming tastes, having variety can make or break you joining the site. On the other hand, you might be only interested in classic games like Jacks or Better. Researching which PA casino has the right game or games for you is a crucial first step based on your specific needs. PokerStars has the most options.
  2. Software Caliber: Besides game variety, the developer behind the video poker games is another high point to consider. Fortunately, the licensed online casinos in the Keystone State work with fan-favorite and reputable game developers like NetEnt and IGT. Most of these casinos also use multiple developers to help round the gaming experience to appeal to a comprehensive slate of players. BetRivers works extensively with many elite game developers.
  3. Bonuses and Promos: Having a desirable game lineup goes in hand with promotions. Virtually all gambling sites in the Quaker State offer a welcome package to lure new players to sign up. Besides having large welcome amounts like Borgata’s potential ,000 welcome package, no-deposit bonuses should also be favored highly in your decision. No-deposit bonuses permit you to win for free, with favorable wagering requirements.  When it comes to a no-deposit and bonus money combo, BetMGM heads the list. BetMGM offers up to a 100% matching bonus but has a no-deposit bonus just for signing up. PokerStars does offer a $150 instant bonus that new members can choose as a welcome alternative.
  4. App Compatibility: While virtually all the licensed casinos in the Independence State have mobile apps, some are superior to others. Some apps only carry a segment of the casino games, but apps like PokerStars and BetMGM carry over the entire game library, including video poker. BetMGM completely syncs the main website with their apps so players can instantly pick up where they left off.
  5. Safety Protocol: The measure of a worthy online casino is their attention and devotion to safety. Fortunately, all the Quaker State video poker sites are licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, so no matter which casino you choose, you can rest easy about online security. However, sites like BetMGM take security another notch with multiple verification processes. All the licensed casinos in the Quaker State have their licenses available and list their safety protocols in their privacy policy page or FAQ section.
  6. More Vital Factors: Besides online safety, having responsible gaming features should be a priority for making your final decision. Having responsible gaming measures is another staple for maintaining a license, something that all the gambling sites have in the Keystone State. Some sites have more payment gateways than others, including more withdrawal options, which are other considerations. BetRivers excels in these game categories.

Types of Video Poker Games in Pennsylvania

As online casino games continue to evolve, video poker games remain consistent. Quaker State players can expect the staple video poker options like Jacks or Better and Aces and Eights. But, some sites, like FanDuel, take the world-famous Texas Hold’em, the main tournament game, and put it in a video poker format for standalone play. Here’s a small taste of the video poker games you can expect at licensed gambling sites.

  1. Jacks or Better: Jacks or Better is to video poker what Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker is to online poker - the most popular and widely available game. Its popularity is due to how easy it is to play, with the goal of getting a pair of Jacks or a pair with a higher value. But thanks to its insanely high 98% RTP, Jacks or Better is a staple at online casinos. 
  2. Tens or Better: Unlike Jacks or Better, it takes a pair of tens with the best value or higher to win. Also, Tens or Better isn’t known for large pots or wins. Therefore, it has more longevity. Because of this, tens or Better remains the game for new players to gain experience. 
  3. Joker Poker: As the title implies, the Joker card is a key factor in the gameplay. Thanks to the Joker, players can expect an unpredictable element in the game that can strike anytime. Having the Joker as the x-factor means you can complete winning combinations and hands by drawing the Joker card.
  4. Deuces Wild: Deuces Wild shares many similarities with Joker Poker, but it highlights the four 2-numbered cards (Deuces), as wild cards. With any of these Deuces, you can substitute them in your hand to complete a winning combination. Thanks to these four Deuces, the odds and winning percentages shift in the player’s favor which is why many sites feature Deuces Wild in their lineup. 

Video Poker Rules

As a rule, video poker games are played live Draw Card poker but with five cards. The game begins with players setting their initial bet, and then they are dealt five cards. With the five cards, players can hold or fold to try to make the highest-paying hand possible. Online poker players might already be familiar with these traditional poker methods.

  • Royal Flush: One of the most celebrated poker winners features a 10, a Jack, a Queen, a King, and an Ace in the same suit. An excellent example of a Royal Flush in action is a scene in the film Maverick, starring Mel Gibson and Jodi Foster.
  • Straight Flush: This winner features five cards in sequence but of the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind: Requires cards of the same value across the four card suits.
  • Full House: Sometimes known as a Full Boat, a Full House is a winner with three of a kind and a pair. Fans of the 1997 Oscar-winning Film, Titanic, will recall Leonardo DiCaprio scoring a Full House.
  • The Flush: This popular poker winner involves any five cards of the same suit.
  • The Straight: The straight involves five cards in any suit, that are in sequential order.
  • Three of a Kind: It consists of three cards with identical values.
  • The Two Pair: When big with two sets of identical cards. For example, one pair could be two Kings, and the second could be two Fives.
  • The Basic Pair:  The basic pair is a common poker hand with two identical cards.
  • The High Card: It is a hand that doesn’t have a pair but simply cards with the highest value in the game.

Some online casinos have slight variations to video poker games, influencing the odds. Some of these games might also have progressive jackpots.

How to Play Video Poker in PA?

All online casino games feature rules, and because of this, understanding the video poker basics goes a long way toward winning and safeguarding your bankroll. We understand the highs and lows of video poker online in the Independence State and share these valuable tips to help you become a winner.

  1. Don’t overlook bonuses: The only thing better than winning big is winning big for free. Before settling on the virtual lobby, we recommend checking for updated promotions. Besides generous welcome bonuses and no-deposit prizes for new members, the premier gambling sites engage their members with cashback and rebate bonuses. Except for free spins, most bonuses should work for video poker. However, check the bonus terms and wagering requirements to see if it is worth your while and fair.
  2. Start small: Some video poker games are more complex than others. If you’re new to this experience, cutting your teeth with less risky versions like Jacks or Better or Tens or Better is wise. These basic games give you an up close education while giving you a chance to maximize your budget.
  3. Learn from others: Besides reading our guides and reviews, besides gaining first-hand playing experience, you can learn a lot from accomplished video poker players. Some players of interest might have websites or social media pages where you can study their techniques and card strategy.

Understanding how Video Poker Odds Work

Because video poker games are simple in nature, you can quickly deduce the odds to give an accurate prediction of how you will fare. Unlike Omaha, Texas Hold’em, and Five Card Stud, video poker games only have one deck. As a result, players can expect consistent odds throughout gambling sites no matter the game. To help provide a more precise understanding, we’ve put together standard odds in tandem with Jacks or Better winning hands and payouts.

Card CombinationOddsPayoff
Royal flush (first dealt)1 / 650,000800
Royal flush (closing hand)1 / 40,400800
Straight flush1 / 9,15050
Four of a kind1 / 42325
Full house1/909
Three of a kind1/133
Two pair1/72
Jack or higher1/41

While royal flushes are the highest poker-winning hands, you might win the game but not necessarily the total jackpot. To win the jackpot with a potential royal flush requires the maximum bet before the game begins. 

Play Real Money Video Poker

Play Real Money Video PokerHopefully, you've built enough confidence through practice play and reviewing our guide to make a real money wager. All the licensed Quaker State online casinos offer video poker. So, if you know which game you have in mind and are comfortable with the bonus terms, you're set to win a nice pot. Please don't hesitate to review our guide about how to get the best out of video poker online in the Independence State.

Virtually all the gambling sites offer the staples, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, if that's the route you want to go. PokerStars offers the most games for sheer variety, and FanDuel offers the Game King suite, which has nine separate video poker games. FanDuel also has Ultimate Texas Hold 'em for standalone play. You can find these usual deposit options regardless of which online casino you settle on.

  • Major Credit and Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfer 
  • PayNearMe
  • Bank Wire 
  • P Preferred (ACH)
  • Casino Cage 
  • PayPal

Except for sites like Sugar House, the licensed gambling sites in the Keystone State have partner casinos with cash cages. Some of these online casinos also offer Skrill along with PayPal. 

Play Video Poker for Free in Pennsylvania

If you’re planning on playing the progressive jackpot video poker titles, then chances are you will have to make a deposit. But there are a few avenues to get some free play for video poker. Sites like DraftKings have demo versions for all their games except for the live dealer. They also list the current jackpot in real time for eligible games. Besides working on your skills, practice mode lets you experiment and settle on which game you like, risk-free.

Although they only have two games, Bally also lets you get practice play to hone your skills and build confidence. Of course, you can play for free and win real money via no-deposit bonuses. BetMGM offers a $25 no-deposit bonus for signing up and activating your account. 

Borgata has a $20 no-deposit that works the same way as BetMGM’s free chip. While not quite a no-deposit bonus, PokerStars offers something close. New members have five days after successfully registering to opt into the $150 instant bonus promotion. The catch is it only takes one buck to activate it. 

How to Start Playing Video Poker for Real Money

Once you master the video poker basics, you might win a decent amount of change. But consider these expert playing tips if you want to compete against a higher caliber of competition or be the last person standing in the tournaments.

  1. Bet to win: Sure, not every player works with the same budget, but bet high if you can afford it. Unlike other casino games, video poker has more favorable odds and higher RTPs. So, betting high is bound to deliver higher wins to help cover losses leading up to the win. Because most of these games let you wager the maximum five coins, the winning opportunities with premium winning combinations, like a royal flush or a straight, make it worthwhile Video poker champions, like regular poker winners, are deservingly celebrated. Free play will only get you so far. Winning a game or two is nice, but learning from the best is always worth the time and effort. Because we’re in the social media age, you can comb through accomplished players on sites like YouTube, for example. Online forums like Reddit are other considerations.
  2. Move wisely and with purpose: You’re not always going to have a natural royal flush or the high hand, so take a moment to survey the gaming landscape in your game. By not rushing into a foolish move, you can stay in the game longer and maximize your winning chances if you need to, walk away to gather your thoughts, and return later.
  3. Play where the odds favor you: While fundamentally, all video poker games play the same, the odds vary based on the variant. One of the reasons why Jacks or Better is the staple and entry game is the odds. For example, a full\Bet to win: Sure, not every player works with the same budget, but bet high if you can afford it. Unlike other casino games, video poker has more favorable odds and higher RTPs. So, betting high is bound to deliver higher wins to help cover losses leading up to the win. Because most of these games let you wager the maximum five coins, the winning opportunities with premium winning combinations, like a royal flush or a straight, make it worthwhile
  4. Bet to win: Sure, not every player works with the same budget, but bet high if you can afford it. Unlike other casino games, video poker has more favorable odds and higher RTPs. So, betting high is bound to deliver higher wins to help cover losses leading up to the win. Because most of these games let you wager the maximum five coins, the winning opportunities with premium winning combinations, like a royal flush or a straight, make it worthwhile. 

Legal Aspects of Online Video Poker in Pennsylvania

The Keystone State is one of more than thirty states that sanction online gambling. In 2017, Governor Wolf signed House Bill 42 permit online gambling in the Quaker State. However, Pennsylvanians didn’t get their first taste of video poker until 2019, when the first wave of casinos went online. 

Shortly after, the PGCB, founded in 2004 when gambling became legal in the state and the organization that licenses all casinos, land-based and virtual, gave the green light to sports betting. With the backing of the PGCB, Quaker State gamblers have the assurance of fair and random playing results, timely customer support, and reputable game developers.     

History of Video Poker

Video poker’s roots date back to the 1970s to help meet the demand of the early days of home video games. Due to its popularity, video poker found homes in land-based casinos in the 1980s. The allure was to play poker without having to play with others.

Today, IGT is one of the most recognizable casino game developers, but its roots date back to one of the first video poker games, Draw Poker. Today, most of the top game developers have some form of video poker play. For land-based casinos, the Tribal communities who own the casinos regulate for fairness.

Pennsylvania Video Poker FAQs

Where can I play legal online poker in PA?

All the casinos we’ve listed and reviewed in this guide are viable and legal options come from first-hand experience. Banking options, promotions, and the caliber of the games go into our reviews.

What are my game options?

Jacks or Better is widely available, as is Deuces Wild. Sites like DraftKings offer bonus play for Jacks or Better and Triple and Ten Play for certain poker games. You can do a quick search to find your options or browse through the table game section in the lobby.

Can I rely on tried poker methods for video poker?

It depends on the game. Video poker is the machine version of poker games, so some overlap might exist. The odds and RTP are more favorable for video poker, so the luck of the draw can be a sound strategy with responsible gambling habits.

How old do I have to be to play?

Unlike some states that permit you to be 18 for horse racing bets, all the licensed casinos, including online casinos in the Keystone State, require you to be at least 21 to play video poker.