Unprecedented Growth in Valley Forge's PA Online Casino Revenue

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  • FanDuel propels Pennsylvania online casinos to record revenues, reaching $51 million in November.
  • Stardust Casino, in collaboration with Playtech, diversifies offerings with over 600 slots.
  • FanDuel's dominance reshapes the landscape, marking a transformative era in Pennsylvania's online gambling industry.

In the dynamic realm of Pennsylvania's online casino industry, the emergence of FanDuel as a major player has significantly impacted the landscape. This in-depth exploration aims to dissect the substantial growth of FanDuel and its pivotal role in driving the remarkable surge in revenue at Valley Forge's PA online casino, shaping the trajectory of online gambling in the state.

The Pinnacle of Success in November: 

November witnessed a historic milestone for Pennsylvania's online casinos, achieving an astounding $191.9 million in monthly revenue. Although the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) refrains from providing a granular breakdown by operator, the collaboration between FanDuel, Stardust, and Valley Forge Casino played a pivotal role in propelling revenue to unprecedented heights.

FanDuel's Ascension Through 2023: 

FanDuel, operating under the licenses of Valley Forge Casino and in collaboration with Stardust Casino PA, has exhibited consistent growth throughout 2023. Commencing at $33.7 million in June, FanDuel's monthly revenue steadily ascended, reaching an unprecedented $51 million in November—an achievement that surpassed the $50 million threshold in a single month for the first time.

June: A Modest Beginning 

FanDuel's journey commenced with a modest $33.7 million in June, setting the stage for subsequent substantial growth.

November: Breaking Records 

The culmination of FanDuel's ascent resulted in a historic achievement of $51 million in November, solidifying its pivotal role in Valley Forge's success.

Consistent Growth 

The monthly revenue progression showcases FanDuel's sustained growth, positioning it as a driving force in Pennsylvania's online casino market.

FanDuel vs. Competitors: 

The ascent of FanDuel has propelled Valley Forge ahead of competitors, most notably Rivers Casino Philadelphia. Despite Rivers leading in May 2023, FanDuel and Valley Forge have consistently outpaced their monthly revenue, establishing FanDuel as a dominant force in the Pennsylvania online casino market.


Valley Forge Revenue 

Rivers Philadelphia Revenue 


$34.7 million 

$35.8 million 


$33.7 million 

$33 million 


$34.9 million 

$32.5 million 


$39.4 million 

$33.8 million 


$42.3 million 

$34.6 million 


$43.8 million 

$34.8 million 


$51 million 

$33.3 million 

FanDuel's National Standing: 

FanDuel's influence extends beyond Pennsylvania, solidifying its position as the second-largest online casino operator in the United States during a Q3 2023 earnings call. Boasting a 23% market share and a remarkable 52% year-over-year revenue increase, FanDuel's success is underscored by a 37% surge in customer acquisition across sports betting and online casino platforms. This growth includes a notable 13% increase in states launched before 2022. 

National Market Share

FanDuel's Q3 2023 earnings highlight its substantial market share, positioning it as a major player in the broader U.S. online casino landscape.

Year-Over-Year Revenue Surge

A noteworthy 52% year-over-year revenue increase solidifies FanDuel's position as a growth-oriented industry leader.

Customer Acquisition Surge

FanDuel's success is further evident in a 37% surge in customer acquisition, encompassing both sports betting and online casino players

Stardust Casino PA's Strategic Role: 

Amidst FanDuel's spotlight, the strategic partnership with Stardust Casino PA remains a noteworthy element. Often overshadowed, Stardust has collaborated with industry giant Playtech to introduce an array of new games. Playtech, renowned for its diverse offerings, plans to elevate Stardust's portfolio with a substantial selection of slots, table games, and live dealer options, potentially propelling the Valley Forge license to unprecedented heights.

Stardust's Revitalization

Stardust, in collaboration with Playtech, aims to revitalize its offerings, injecting new life into the online casino experience.

Diversification with Playtech

Playtech's extensive portfolio, boasting over 600 slot games, introduces diversity and richness to Stardust's game offerings.

Potential Impact on Valley Forge License

The strategic collaboration with Playtech has the potential to catapult the Valley Forge license to new heights in terms of revenue and player engagement.

The Future Landscape 

As FanDuel continues its remarkable growth trajectory in Pennsylvania's online casino market and the collaboration with Stardust evolves, the broader landscape of online gambling in the state is poised for transformative changes. FanDuel's leadership and strategic partnerships position it as a trendsetter, setting the stage for further industry evolution in Pennsylvania. The convergence of technology, partnerships, and market dynamics underscores a dynamic future for online gambling in the Keystone State. With FanDuel at the forefront, Pennsylvania's online casino industry is on the cusp of an exciting and transformative era.

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