Pennsylvania Casinos Approved to Modify Gaming Floors: Slots Being Reduced



  • Hollywood Casino Morgantown decreases slot machines, leveraging strategic floor optimization.
  • Lady Luck Nemacolin redesigns the gaming floor layout and introduces new slots while removing existing machines.
  • Pennsylvania casinos adopt player-centered strategies for improved engagement and revenue generation.

Pennsylvania's gaming landscape is undergoing some changes as two prominent casinos, Hollywood PA Casino Morgantown and Lady Luck Nemacolin, secure approvals from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) to modify their gaming floors.

While Hollywood PA Casino Morgantown is set to reduce the number of slot machines on its gaming porch, Lady Luck Nemacolin is embarking on a redesign that involves some new additions and a few other modifications. These changes reflect the Pennsylvania casinos' strategic approach to optimizing their gaming floors and enhancing the player experience.

Hollywood Casino Morgantown's Strategic Slot Reduction

Under the guidance of General Manager Marc Guastella and legal representative Michael Fabius from Ballard Spahr, Hollywood Casino Morgantown presented their case for modifications to the PGCB. The casino's proposal involves slightly reducing the number of slot machines on its gaming porch.

Specifically, Hollywood Casino Morgantown plans to remove 30 slot machines from the gaming porch, resulting in an adjusted total of 117 slots from the previous count of 147. This decision is informed by the fact that the occupancy rate of these porch slot machines is significantly lower than that of other slots on the main gaming floor. These porch slots exhibit a win per unit per day (WPUPD) almost 75% less than their counterparts.

Notably, this isn't the first instance of Hollywood PA Casino Morgantown adjusting its slot machine count. On two prior occasions since its opening in December 2021, the casino reduced the number of slot machines. The outcomes were promising, with slot tax revenue witnessing a notable increase following each reduction.

Guastella expressed confidence in the casino's ability to sustain business growth despite the slot reduction, citing consistent growth in taxable revenue year over year. He said, "It's a very encouraging sign, and we're very excited for the future."

With this reduction, Hollywood Casino Morgantown's slot count will now be 697 machines. The removal process is anticipated to occur swiftly, and the PA casino is actively exploring non-gaming options to utilize the freed-up space, ensuring no impact on staffing.

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Lady Luck Nemacolin's Dual Approach to Slot Refresh

The Pennsylvania casino Lady Luck Nemacolin is taking a dual-pronged approach to enhancing its gaming floor. Represented by Michael Fabius and General Manager John Gibboni, the casino embraces a combination of additions and modifications.

The casino is set to introduce 81 new slot machines to its gaming floor while simultaneously removing 100 machines, which are owned by parent company Churchill Downs Incorporated (CDI). Despite the slight reduction in the number of machines, Lady Luck Nemacolin is enthusiastic about the introduction of the new slots.

Fabius highlighted the intention to refresh the slot count, a strategic move aimed at offering players a more engaging and dynamic gaming experience. Although the numbers suggest a reduction of 19 slot machines, Gibboni indicated that further adjustments could occur as plans for a comprehensive redesign of the gaming floor are finalized.

This suggests a proactive stance by Lady Luck Nemacolin to optimize its gaming offerings continually. Moreover, the casino has plans beyond the gaming floor adjustments.

Lady Luck Nemacolin is poised to introduce a coffee bar and an entertainment area to create a holistic and immersive environment for visitors. Notably, these changes will not lead to any staffing alterations.

Evolving Perception: Slot Reduction and Business Impact

The decisions by both Pennsylvania Casinos Hollywood Morgantown and Lady Luck Nemacolin to reduce their slot machine counts underscore a changing perception within the casino industry. While traditional beliefs held that a more significant number of slot machines equated to greater revenue, these recent moves challenge this assumption.

The outcomes of prior reductions, reflected in increased slot tax revenue, demonstrate that a streamlined and strategically designed gaming floor can lead to enhanced player engagement and higher revenue per machine.

The Impact on PA's Casino Market

The dynamic transformations unfolding within Pennsylvania's casino landscape, as witnessed through the modifications at Hollywood Casino Morgantown and Lady Luck Nemacolin, indicate a shift towards strategic optimization and player-centered experiences.

These modifications are not mere numerical adjustments; they represent a forward-thinking approach by casinos to create environments that resonate with modern players. As the gaming floors evolve, players and industry observers await the unfolding impact of these changes, gauging their influence on revenue generation and the overall casino experience.

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