Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Washington Nationals MLB Game Preview

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Caleb Tallman
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  • Learn about the types of bets you should consider for this matchup, including runlines and prop bets.
  • Consider the form of both teams from a critic's perspective before making any wagers.
  • Check out the lineups for the match and, consequently, its predictions.

The Pittsburgh Pirates face the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park on Wednesday. Enthusiasts who followed the game were delighted by the Pittsburgh Pirates' (4–0) performance, so predictions and bets are running amok. Still, the Pittsburgh Pirates are the fan favorite, at -159 odds, while the Washington Nationals only have +134 odds. To that end, the BetMGM sportsbook also offers some of the best odds in Pennsylvania.

To that end, below is a preview of the game, including the moneyline, run line, roster, and expert predictions. For one, Trevor Williams is starting for the Washington Nationals today, so it’s bound to be an explosive game.

Lineups for the Match 

The lineups for the Washington Nationals and the Pittsburgh Pirates haven’t been disclosed yet. However, bettors and experts can predict the upcoming lineups by analyzing the previous matches of both teams. Previous Pittsburgh Pirates matches started B. Reynolds, C. Joe, and K. Hayes, so expecting to see them in the lineup is logical.

For the Washington Nationals, C. Abrams and L. Thomas are one of the go-to starters for the team. Nevertheless, multiple experts have confirmed that Mitch Keller will start for the Pittsburgh Pirates, while Trevor Williams (Another confirmed starter) is bound to bring home some points.

Team Form 

Pittsburgh Pirates are on form, with Ke’Bryan Hayes boasting an astonishing .444 batting average. The Pirates’ defining feature is their relentless attack, which saw them pull off 31 runs in a spectacular four-game sweep against the Miami Marlins. So, the Washington Nationals must bring their A-game, or they’ll lose the match.

On the bright side, experts believe that the Washington Nationals might play spoiler on Wednesday. That is, they could maintain the spirit that we witnessed against the Cincinnati Reds. That’s despite the fact that a single run determined the outcome of two out of the three games.

Yes, the Washington Nationals’ batting prowess aren’t as potent as that of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Thus, experts are expecting the Pittsburgh Pirates to come out on top, because of their impressive performances. Bettors who are rooting for the Pirates should consider placing bets on other matches to increase the cash out.

Examining History and Previous Matches 

Since history likes to repeat itself, the Pittsburgh Pirates have already won six out of eight games. In the last three games against them, the Washington Nationals made 5.33 hits, 2.33 walks, and 2.33 runs. The Pirates, in turn, made 9.0 hits, 4.0 walks, and 4.6 runs. This means that the Pittsburgh Pirates will make more hits.

The Pittsburgh Pirates also won five out of their last six games, so they’re on a mean streak. It will be difficult for the Washington Nationals to break their streak. However, the odds of Nationals winning is mouthwatering because they’re the underdog. Occasionally, underdogs rise to the challenge.

Betting Predictions

Professionals suggest that players should observe the trends concerning both teams before making a bet. For one, the Washington Nationals are notorious for letting homers in, so that’s a good spot to start betting from. Alternatively, some of the Pirates are capable batters, so you can bet on the least number of hits they’ll make. Sports betting apps offer different odds, so only go for the best PA sportsbooks.

Analysis of the Bets That Apply to This Matchup 

Overall, some types of bets apply more to this matchup than others, so we took the time to break them down. Some, like moneyline betting, are super popular, while others aren't.

Prop Bets: Prop bets are enjoyable to bet on the MLB without being concerned about the final score. In other words, the final score does not determine whether you win or lose. Although they are player stats, game props, and team props, You may bet if one player hits a home run or how many times the Pittsburgh Pirates will hit.

Totals Betting: Totals betting lets you bet without siding with any particular team. You can bet on the total number of runs that will take place in the matchup. For example, you can bet both teams will make under eight runs in the game. Yes, you can't bet on a single team—instead, the runs will be the combined efforts of the Washington Nationals and Pittsburgh Pirates. 

Runlines: It is like a point spread in football and basketball and always stands at 1.5 in baseball. Nevertheless, the subject of variation exists, so one should read a run line first before staking. Thus, if you bet that the Washington Nationals with +1.5 runs face the Pittsburgh Pirates with -1.5 runs, losing by a run, you nonetheless win.

Moneyline: Moneyline betting is the straightforward bet type. Here, you will need to predict the team to win; in this case, you can bet on the Pittsburgh Pirates to win.

Parlays: Parlay: This kind allows you to join more than one bet, compound them, and make more cash. Some involve different team activities, and others include the same.

Futures: Unlike playing online slots, futures betting is long-term. You bet on events and actions that might unfold later in the season. Some bettors have wagered on the underdogs winning the second faceoff.

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