Rangers vs. Diamondbacks Game 4: Can Arizona Level the Series?

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Rangers vs. Diamondbacks Game 4: Can Arizona Level the Series?

The 2023 World Series has reached a pivotal stage as it's 2-1 in Texas’ favor. The Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks have delivered thrilling baseball, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. As the series progresses to Game 4, the excitement and anticipation continue to build. In Game 4, both teams are hungry for victory, and the outcome will significantly impact the series. Let's delve into the odds and preview for this crucial matchup


  • Game 4 of the 2023 World Series - Rangers vs. Diamondbacks.
  • Pitching challenges for the Rangers: Heaney's start and Garcia's injury
  • Diamondbacks' bullpen strategy and the quest to level the series.

Odds for Game 4

As Game 4 approaches, the odds have been a topic of great interest. Fans and bettors alike are eager to see how bookmakers assess the matchup. Let's take a closer look at the odds for Game 4.

Spread -1.5 (+142)+1.5 (-172)
Run TotalOver 9.5 runs (-102)Under 9.5 runs (-120)

Odds via FanDuel PA Sportsbook

Texas Rangers Team Analysis

PA bettors, here is what you need to know about the Rangers. The Texas Rangers have faced some challenges, primarily with their pitching staff. For Game 4, they'll be sending Andrew Heaney to the mound. 

Heaney, a left-handed pitcher, has struggled in the postseason as a starter. However, his last two appearances as a reliever have been much more promising. In 1.2 innings pitched as a reliever, Heaney hasn't given up a run.

The Rangers hope that Heaney's recent success in relief might help him regain his form as a starter. Heaney showed flashes of brilliance during the regular season, but consistency has been an issue. With Scherzer's early exit in Game 3 and three consecutive days of games, the Rangers need their starters to deliver solid performances.

Considering Heaney's performance as a starter, the Rangers might not expect him to pitch deep into the game. This makes Game 4 a vital test for Heaney and the Rangers' pitching staff.

Unfortunately for the Rangers, the challenges don't end with the Scherzer injury. Star outfielder Adolis Garcia also left Game 3 with an injury, which could significantly impact the series. Garcia has been the standout hitter for the Rangers during the playoffs, leading the team in multiple offensive categories. Any news on the severity of Garcia's injury will be closely monitored by the Rangers and their fans.

Arizona Diamondbacks Team Analysis

The Arizona Diamondbacks, despite their loss in Game 3, remain a strong contender in the World Series. Brandon Pfaadt, who started Game 3, had one rough inning but bounced back to pitch 2.1 solid innings, not allowing any runs after giving up three in the third. This showcased the resilience of the Dbacks' pitching staff.

Unlike the Rangers, who had to rely on a long reliever, Arizona got more out of their starter in Game 3. Furthermore, the Dbacks managed to preserve their key bullpen arms by not using them in that game, which could be crucial as the series progresses.

The Dbacks' pitching staff hasn't shown significant signs of strain or fatigue, providing a glimmer of hope for Arizona fans. In contrast, the Rangers could be without their star hitter, Adolis Garcia, whose injury could have a substantial impact on the series. Garcia has been instrumental in the Rangers' offense, and his absence would be keenly felt.

For Game 4, the Diamondbacks have opted for a bullpen-oriented approach with Joe Mantiply as the starting pitcher. Mantiply has been excellent in the playoffs, with the exception of one appearance. If we exclude the game in which he gave up three runs and the Dbacks lost 10-0, he has not conceded a run in any of his other seven appearances.

Mantiply's presence as the starter suggests that Arizona plans to employ a bullpen game. The key question remains: how long he will pitch, and if he can provide more than one inning of quality work. Fortunately for the Diamondbacks, all their bullpen arms should be well-rested and available for Game 4. Before placing bets on the Dbacks at Pennsylvania online sportsbook, make sure you consider what you have just read about this Arizona team.

Game 4 Preview: Tying the Series

As we approach Game 4, the series is evenly poised. Both teams have their strengths and weaknesses, and the outcome of this game could significantly influence the direction of the World Series.

For the Rangers, uncertainty surrounds their pitching staff. Andrew Heaney has the potential to deliver a strong performance, but it's unclear how deep he can go into the game. The Rangers desperately need their starter to provide quality innings, especially considering Scherzer's injury and the fatigue of the bullpen.

The injury to Adolis Garcia is another concern for the Rangers. Garcia's contributions to the team's offense have been invaluable, and his absence in Game 4 would be a significant blow.
On the other side, the Diamondbacks are poised to utilize their bullpen effectively in Game 4. Joe Mantiply's recent playoff performances indicate that he can handle the role of the starter. Having their top bullpen arms well-rested provides an advantage for the Dbacks.

Considering the uncertainties surrounding the Rangers, especially if Garcia does not play, the Diamondbacks have a good chance of leveling the series. A win in Game 4 would set up a thrilling finale in the World Series, with both teams eyeing the championship.

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