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NBA Best Bets 2023-2024

In a riveting NBA lineup on December 29, 2023, three exciting matchups promise a night of intense basketball action. First up, the Memphis Grizzlies take on the Los Angeles Clippers at Arena. The Clippers, standing at 18-12, are favored with a -7 spread against the resilient Grizzlies (10-19), who secured a narrow win against the Pelicans. Led by Ja Morant, Memphis aims to build on their recent success, but the Clippers, propelled by James Harden, showcase offensive prowess. The odds from FanDuel favor the Clippers to cover the +7 spread, suggesting they will capitalize on home-court advantage and secure a convincing victory.

Next, the Philadelphia 76ers (20-9) face the Houston Rockets (15-13) at Toyota Center. The 76ers, coming off a loss to the Heat, rely on Tobias Harris's offensive strength, but the Rockets, with a recent standout performance from Alperen Sengün against the Pacers, present a formidable challenge. BetMGM favors the Rockets with a +2.5 spread, indicating they might cover the spread and potentially secure a home-court victory.

Finally, the Oklahoma City Thunder (19-9) clash with the Denver Nuggets (22-10) at Ball Arena. The Thunder, buoyed by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander's outstanding 34-point game, face the Nuggets, who secured a recent win against the Warriors. DraftKings gives the Thunder a +3 spread, suggesting they have the potential to cover against the Nuggets' offensive firepower.  Basketball bettors  can explore these odds for a comprehensive analysis, making informed decisions on which teams are likely to cover the spread in these exciting matchups.

Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Clippers Best Bet:

Clippers -7 | -108 at FanDuel

In the upcoming NBA clash between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Clippers on December 29, 2023, at Arena, the Clippers (18-12) are favored with a -7 spread, according to FanDuel. The Grizzlies (10-19) are coming off a narrow win against the Pelicans, showcasing resilience but facing a formidable challenge against the Clippers' offensive firepower.

Memphis, led by Ja Morant's impressive performance, aims to build on their recent success. However, the Clippers, victorious in their last game against the Hornets, boast offensive strength with James Harden leading the charge.

With odds favoring the Clippers, who are strong at both ends of the court, the Grizzlies may struggle to cover the +7 spread. The Clippers' ability to score efficiently and control the boards, coupled with home-court advantage, positions them as the likely team to cover the spread.
Expect the Clippers to capitalize on their recent momentum and secure a convincing victory against the Grizzlies. Basketball enthusiasts can explore the odds on FanDuel for a comprehensive analysis and make informed betting decisions, leaning towards the Clippers as the favorites to cover the spread in this matchup.

FanDuel sportsbook
Clippers -7 | -108 at FanDuel

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Houston Rockets Best Bet:

Rockets +2.5 | -110 at BetMGM

On December 29, 2023, at Toyota Center, the Philadelphia 76ers (20-9) will face the Houston Rockets (15-13) in what promises to be a competitive matchup. The 76ers, coming off a loss against the Heat, showcase a strong offensive game led by Tobias Harris. However, facing the Rockets, who recently battled the Pacers with Alperen Sengün's impressive 30-point performance, presents a formidable challenge.

Houston's offensive efficiency and rebounding strength make them a tough opponent, especially on their home court. The Rockets, with a 15-13 record, aim to capitalize on their defensive strategies against Philadelphia. The 76ers, despite their solid record, might face challenges against Houston's defensive prowess.

With a +2.5 spread favoring the Rockets according to BetMGM, choosing Houston as the underdog to cover the spread seems reasonable. The Rockets' recent performances and the home-court advantage provide them with an opportunity to not only cover the spread but potentially secure a victory against the 76ers. Basketball fans can explore the odds on BetMGM for a comprehensive analysis and make informed betting decisions, leaning towards the Rockets in this intriguing clash.

betmgm sportsbook
Rockets +2.5 | -110 at BetMGM

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Denver Nuggets Best Bet:

Thunder +3 | -108 at DraftKings

On December 29, 2023, the Oklahoma City Thunder (19-9) will face the Denver Nuggets (22-10) at Ball Arena in a thrilling NBA clash. The Thunder, coming off a convincing win against the Timberwolves with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander's outstanding 34-point performance, enter this game with confidence.

Denver, on the other hand, secured a 120-114 victory over the Warriors, highlighting Jamal Murray's 28-point contribution. The Nuggets, with a 22-10 record, boast offensive firepower and strong rebounding capabilities.

With a +3 spread favoring the Thunder according to DraftKings, this matchup is expected to be closely contested. Oklahoma City's offensive prowess, combined with their recent success, suggests they can cover the spread against the Nuggets. While Denver's home-court advantage and overall record make them formidable, the Thunder's ability to capitalize on turnovers and shoot efficiently positions them well to cover the spread.

Basketball sports bettors can explore the odds on FanDuel for a comprehensive analysis and consider leaning towards the Thunder as the underdog to cover the +3 spread in what could be a fiercely competitive game at Ball Arena.

DraftKings sportsbook
Thunder +3 | -108 at DraftKings

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