2024 College Football Title Favorites, Odds & the New Playoff Era

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  • Unveiling 2024 college football odds, featuring Georgia and Alabama as frontrunners.
  • Conference realignment reshapes the competitive field.
  • The dawn of a 12-team playoff era brings heightened anticipation.

As the echoes of Michigan's triumph in the 2023-24 college football season fade away, the spotlight now turns towards the unfolding narrative of the 2024 national title race. With BetMGM unveiling early odds, familiar faces like Georgia and Alabama find themselves at the forefront, while intriguing storylines, conference realignment dynamics, and the dawn of a new playoff era set the stage for a captivating season.

Georgia at +350: A Familiar Frontrunner 

In the post-Michigan championship era, Georgia emerges once again as the early favorite, holding +350 odds at BetMGM. This mirrors the Bulldogs' position at the start of the 2023 season, underlining their consistent presence as formidable contenders. A returning roster, led by quarterback Carson Beck, fuels Georgia's optimism, and there's a whisper of Beck entering the 2024 season as a potential Heisman Trophy favorite.

The Bulldogs opened the 2023 season as the favorite at +225 to win the title. Georgia’s odds were far shorter than anyone else and were in the mix for a playoff spot before losing to Alabama in the SEC championship game. The Bulldogs are retaining their favorite status thanks to a returning roster that includes QB Carson Beck. He could open the 2024 season as the Heisman Trophy favorite.

Alabama's Pursuit at +550: Milroe's Return Adds Depth 

Close on Georgia's heels is perennial powerhouse Alabama, boasting +550 odds. The return of quarterback Jalen Milroe positions the Crimson Tide as strong challengers. With a conference schedule seemingly more manageable than Georgia's, Alabama aims to leverage its strengths and make a compelling bid for the national title.

The Crimson Tide open as the No. 2 favorite at +550. QB Jalen Milroe is back for Alabama as the Tide’s conference schedule is more manageable than Georgia’s. We have the Crimson Tide at No. 1 in our way-too-early top 25 for that reason.

Ohio State and Michigan: Intriguing Odds at +800 and +900 

The rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan extends beyond the field, even in the Pennsylvania betting realm. Ohio State enters with +800 odds, while Michigan follows closely at +900. The odds difference is rationalized by Ohio State hosting Michigan in 2024. As the Wolverines celebrate their recent triumph over Washington, changes in their roster dynamics and potential coaching shifts add an element of intrigue to their 2024 prospects.

Ohio State opens with better title odds than Michigan. The Buckeyes are at +800, and the Wolverines are at +900. The PA odds difference is understandable; Ohio State hosts Michigan in 2024, and it’s not clear if Jim Harbaugh will be coaching Michigan next season.

Texas, Oregon, and Ole Miss: Diverse Paths to Glory

Texas shares the spotlight with Michigan at +900, and much of their potential success hinges on the decision of star quarterback Quinn Ewers. The departure of key players like running back Jonathon Brooks and wide receiver Xavier Worthy poses challenges, but Texas aims to maintain competitiveness, potentially fueled by Ewers' return.

Texas has the same odds as Michigan as it’s very possible that QB Quinn Ewers could return for another season in Austin. The Texas offense won’t have RB Jonathon Brooks or WR Xavier Worthy, but should still have plenty of talent even if Ewers heads to the NFL.

Oregon, at +1000, welcomes former Oklahoma and UCF QB Dillon Gabriel for his final season in Eugene. Ole Miss, holding +1100 odds, benefits from a favorable SEC schedule and a robust transfer class. These teams embody the diverse paths programs take to contend for the national title.

Oregon is at +1000 to win the title with former Oklahoma and UCF QB Dillon Gabriel set to play his final season in Eugene. Ole Miss is at +1100. The Rebels have secured a strong transfer class and have what could be the easiest schedule of anyone in the SEC.

Conference Realignment Impact: Big Ten and SEC Dominate 

Conference realignment's seismic impact is evident in the odds, with the top eight teams all hailing from the Big Ten or SEC. This underscores the reshaping of college football's competitive landscape. Notably, Clemson and Florida State, at +2000, emerge as the first teams from outside these conferences, signaling the profound effects of recent changes.

Thanks to conference realignment, the top eight teams on the board are all either from the Big Ten or the SEC. The first teams from outside either of those conferences are Clemson and Florida State at +2000.

ACC's Presence in the Playoff Era: A New Dawn

The 2024 season marks the commencement of the 12-team playoff format, a significant departure from the previous four-team model. With five conference champions and seven wild-card teams, the ACC, despite Clemson and Florida State's odds, is set to have at least one representative in the national title chase. The expanded playoff format promises increased inclusivity, providing more teams with the opportunity to vie for collegiate football's ultimate prize.

2024 marks the beginning of the 12-team playoff format as it’s all but official that five conference champions will be playing for a national title alongside seven wild-card teams.

Beyond the Top Contenders: Unveiling the Odds Landscape 

A comprehensive exploration of the odds reveals a diverse and competitive field beyond the frontrunners. Teams like LSU, Clemson, Florida State, Penn State, Notre Dame, and others present intriguing possibilities.

PA betting odds for next season have already been posted, and Georgia -- which has won two of the last three CFP titles -- is firmly entrenched as the favorite. Coach Kirby Smart's crew got a big boost earlier this month when quarterback Carson Beck announced his return along with multiple offensive linemen. The Bulldogs should be a force in the new-look SEC that features Texas and Oklahoma. They have a pedigree of success, a loaded roster and everything that it takes to get back atop the college football mountaintop.

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