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  • NFL preseason demands a distinct betting strategy: underdogs are favorable, news focus and coach tendencies matter for smart bets.
  • Prioritize preseason line movements; expert insights exploit misjudged lines; careful bankroll management is key for success.
  • Coaches' approach varies Harbaugh's success, Belichick and Reid's cautious, distinct strategies crucial for profitable NFL preseason betting.

NFL Football is here, but it is not exactly the top level of play Pennsylvania bettors are used to seeing in the regular season. The NFL preseason diverges significantly from the NFL regular season, necessitating a distinct handicapping approach. Successfully wagering on preseason games can be challenging due to the extensive utilization of players, rendering predictions about game outcomes complex.

Nevertheless, astute bettors who focus on anticipated starters, coaching strategies, and team depth can gain an advantage during the preseason, leading to lucrative outcomes.

For those seeking to prepare for the regular NFL season, make sure to stay tuned to our soon-to-come weekly NFL betting previews that we will do each week of the NFL regular season. We will provide comprehensive odds, selections, and analyses encompassing all aspects of the NFL.

From Super Bowl odds to NFL Week 1 prediction, along with the latest updates from training camps and preseason, we will continue to grow our content to be a comprehensive resource to enhance your NFL knowledge this season, especially for Pennsylvania sportsbook users home town teams the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles.

Check out some betting tips we have for those looking to wager Pennsylvania sportsbook apps this preseason. 

Embrace the Underdogs

Opting for the underdog in each game proves advantageous in the NFL preseason. This trend has persisted since 1995. Underdogs hold a 53.7% success rate against the spread during this period, surpassing the break-even point of 52.4% in sports betting.

Over the last ten seasons, underdogs achieved a 53.5% success rate against the spread, consistently yielding profitable results. The rationale behind this is that top teams typically rest their starters, leaving opportunities for underdogs to thrive.

Quarterback Depth

As most know, the quarterback position is the most critical position on the field in football. Teams that have strong quarterback rooms, especially the 2nd and 3rd string spots, do well, as often teams will play their starters hardly at all in the preseason. So teams that have playmakers in the 2nd and 3rd spots often do better in games against teams that have less QB depth. Even if the other team's starter is better, it won't matter, as they won't be playing in the 4th quarter.

Stay Attuned to News

While statistics are crucial for informed betting decisions, they hold less significance during the preseason due to the fluidity of team rosters. Instead, focus on injury reports, roster developments, and player participation duration in games.

Adapting to these shifts is pivotal for successful NFL preseason betting. Although statistics may be limited, utilizing data to evaluate participating players can be advantageous. For instance, analytical insights may reveal teams with athletic third-string players against weaker defensive teams.

Track Line Movements

In the NFL preseason, adjustments in betting lines carry greater weight than during the regular season. Professional bettors often possess exclusive insights, allowing them to exploit misjudged lines.

Although betting limits are typically lower for exhibition games, knowledgeable bettors can capitalize on inaccuracies in the lines, as they frequently outperform the general public in accessing critical information.

Factor in Coaches

Coaches' approach to the preseason varies significantly. Some coaches prioritize winning during this period, as evident in their preseason coaching records. For instance, John Harbaugh has consistently prepared his teams well, amassing an impressive 71.1% preseason win rate, particularly excelling in Week 1.

 In contrast, coaches like Bill Belichick and Andy Reid hover around .500 in their preseason records, suggesting a more tempered emphasis on these games. Recognizing coaching tendencies can influence betting decisions.

Manage Your Finances

Prudent bankroll management entails segregating funds dedicated to preseason betting from those allocated for the regular season. Maintaining a separate account and wagering conservatively during the preseason safeguards resources for the primary betting season. Considering the unpredictability of preseason games, it is wise to exercise judicious betting practices to preserve your financial stability.

Breaking it all Down

NFL preseason betting demands a distinct strategy, considering the disparities between the preseason and regular season. Capitalizing on underdogs, staying informed through news updates, monitoring line movements, understanding coaches' tendencies, and practicing prudent money management are integral components of a successful preseason betting approach.

By embracing these insights, you can enhance your NFL preseason betting prowess and bolster your chances of gaining profitable outcomes.

Pennsylvania Teams NFL Preseason Schedule

Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 1 - Friday, August 11 - At Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 2 - Saturday, August 19 - vs Buffalo Bills

Week 3 - Thursday, August 24 - At Atlanta Falcons

Philadelphia Eagles

Week 1 - Saturday, August 12 - At Baltimore Ravens

Week 2 - Thursday, August 17 - vs Cleveland Browns

Week 3 - Thursday, August 24 - vs Indianapolis Colts

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