Three Pennsylvania Casinos Fined $147,000 for Gaming Control Board Violations

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  • PGCB met for their April 2023 meeting and issued fines to three casinos
  • Mount Airy Casino fined $120,000 for delaying audit paperwork to PGCB
  • Two other Pennsylvania Casinos fined $27,000 for violations

At the April 2023 meeting for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, regulators handed down fines totaling $147,000 to three PA casinos in the state including the popular Mount Airy Casino.

The Mount Airy Casino drew the largest fine from the PGCB with the Mohegan Pennsylvania and Rivers Casino also being cited by the regulatory body for violations.

Mount Airy Casino Fined $120,000 by PGCB

The biggest fine from the April 2023 meeting for PGCB was issued to Mount Airy Casino. The Board issued a whopping $120,000 fine to the casino for failing to submit their audit paperwork to the Bureau of Gaming Operations for four of the last five years. 

PA casinos are required to file yearly internal audit paperwork with the state, but the Mount Airy was late 124 days in 2018, 908 days in 202, 542 days in 2021, and finally, 148 days tardy in 2022. 

The Board found that even when paperwork was submitted, it routinely failed to include all required forms. Such areas as marketing promotions, surveillance, and food and beverage revenue reporting were often excluded from filings to the Bureau.

Mohegan Pennsylvania Fined for Employee Licensing Problems

The PA Gaming Control Board issued a $20,000 fine to the Mohegan Pennsylvania for two separate violations of employees working a supervisory role without the proper permit. The incidents came from violations occurring in 2016 and 2019 where two employees went over two and three years without the proper paperwork as required by the PGCB.

The Mohegan Pennsylvania negotiated a settlement with the PCGB as they created a new system of internal guidelines to assure that all employees promoted to supervisory jobs receive proper licensing as required by state regulators.

Rivers Casino Cited for Cheating Reporting Violation

The PGCB slapped Rivers Casino on the wrist to the tune of $7,500 because the gaming company did not notify staff and law enforcement authorities about an alleged cheating incident in December 2021.

A player at the casino bent cards at a table game to mark them helping them win $1278 with the scam. After the player was caught, they were removed from the casino and banned from ever entering the facility again. 

Protocol dictates that Rivers Casino should have reported the incident to the Board’s Bureau of Casino Compliance and law enforcement but management failed to report the violation.

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